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The 10 mistakes people make when buying a Tesla


The 10 mistakes people make when buying a Tesla

A Tesla and technology expert has revealed the mistakes people make when buying a Tesla – that could help people buying any electric car.

Ryan Shaw, from California, is a superfan, who has made reams of videos about the brand’s cars and has created a YouTube Tesla-buying video to explain the most common issues facing new buyers.

He explained that as buying a Tesla is different to many other car makes – with no dealerships to visit and orders made online for delivery at a later date – purchasing one of its models requires lots of research to find out what is suited to you.

With a whole host of options to choose from for Tesla buyers, common pitfalls Ryan highlights include buying too much range, too many or not enough additional accessories, and not getting white seats.

Here is the complete list of tips you need to buy your first Tesla – and some will be useful for other electric car purchases too.

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Ryan Shaw, from California, is a Tesla superfan and he has some great tips on when you buy a Tesla

Ryan Shaw, from California, is a Tesla superfan and he has some great tips on when you buy a Tesla

Not inspecting a Tesla on its arrival

First up on Ryan’s list is forgetting to properly inspect your Tesla when it arrives on your doorstep.

The electric vehicle expert says Tesla makes great vehicles, ‘but they are a newer company and are still going through growing pains with quality control’.

He says you should note even the tiniest issues so you can claim repairs through your warranty later on.

Getting the correct insurance for your Tesla

Ryan explains how easy it is to assume that whatever insurance you had on your old car will be the best for your Tesla.

But that’s not the case and they can be more costly to insure. 

Tesla models are very expensive and this is why you should triple check what insurance plan is best for you. 

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Buying black seats 

Perhaps this problem might not be as much of an issue in the UK – where the weather is certainly not as nice as in California – but Ryan raises a valid point when temperatures start to warm up.

The vehicle expert says that black seats can get very hot in the sun and white ones are much more comfortable.

Not getting enough accessories for your Tesla

While it can be all too easy to splurge  on needless accessories, Ryan actually says that a common issue is first-time Tesla buyers not getting enough.

The Californian explains that ‘a lot of accessories can greatly improve your experience as a Tesla owner’.

This includes his recommended screen protector, which he describes as ‘essential, along with additional storage space underneath the seats. 

Mistakes include delaying your order and not buying enough range

Not buying enough range can also be a huge annoyance as you'll have to recharge often

Not buying enough range can also be a huge annoyance as you’ll have to recharge often

Rushing to buy whatever Tesla is available

We all know that feeling when you’re desperate to drive your new car – but Ryan says it might be best to be patient and go on a waiting list for the right model.

With high demand for Teslas, many people are in a situation where a pricier model might be available now but you’ll have to wait several months for the original model.

Ryan says it is worth the wait as ‘performance models’ aren’t worth the extra money.

Delaying your order 

On the flip side, Ryan says if the right model is in stock for you – don’t put off ordering, as prices and waiting times can increase.

The electric car expert says if you can afford the Tesla, go for it. 

Whatever you do though, be aware that Tesla has also made big price drops in the past, leading some recent buyers to feel annoyed. 

A full autopilot Tesla may not be worth it

While it might be tempting, Ryan says that he does not recommend the full autopilot function on a Tesla. 

He explained that the only real functional use of autopilot is the automatic lane change function. So, until the technology is fully ready for autopilot – you should hold out for that.

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Changing the stock Tesla wheels

Another example of where buying the pricier option doesn’t actually help is in the wheel department.

Ryan explains that the original stock wheels actually provide a much smoother ride than the sportier option. Save your money, he says.

Rushing to buy whatever model is in stock can also be a major problem, the car expert says

Buying too much range  

Contrary to what you might think – Ryan says that buying more rangeon a Tesla, which determines how far you can drive on a full charge, is not always a good idea.

The expert explains how ‘more range equals more batteries, which equals more cost’. He also said that it ‘adds weight to the car’. 

Consider whether you will really need all that range before buying. 

Getting too little range  

Alternatively, not buying enough range can be a real pain for your first Tesla.

Ryan says that you should go for a range which is above what you expect to use.

This will mean you can avoid having to emergency charge your vehicle as you’re out and about. 

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