Drivers are only just discovering little-known car key hack – and it takes just seconds

By Staff

It can be frustrating when something on your car stops working, but there’s nothing more irritating than when your key calls it a day. Now here’s how you can fix the issue in seconds

Ever been locked out of your car because the key doesn’t work?

We hear you… It can be annoying when your car stops working for whatever reason. But when your key calls it a day and you’re locked out, that’s even more frustrating. And sometimes you might even spend hundreds on fixing the issue.

Now according to one TikTok user, there’s a savvy hack that’ll take just seconds – and it’s completely free. Thanks to user @master_driver666, when your key stops working because its battery has run out, you can still get into your vehicle manually.

In a recent video on the platform, the woman can be seen struggling to open her car door with her electronic keys. But when she realises it’s not letting her in, she finds a little slot underneath and opens it with her key, this allows you to manually enter the car.

And in just seconds, you don’t need to go scrambling looking for new batteries, or call your local garage to get you in. All you need to do is find the slot to enter your key and there you have it. Since the video was shared this week, it scooped hundreds of likes and a few comments.

One said: “Really?! I did not know that, nice!” While another asked: “What if the door is not open from inside and outside?” And a third admitted: “Didn’t know that!”

Looking for more hacks? Previously, drivers only just discovered a common dashboard warning and learned how to fix it for free. In a viral video, the same TikTok user said: “Come here, look at this car. Let’s try to start it, it failed to start, I’ll try again. The water temperature is normal but it just won’t start!”

She then suggests sometimes a car won’t start as it’s overheated. She continued: “Generally speaking if this problem occurs, it means the part is broken. It is called a water temperature sensor, its function is to control the amount of fuel injection to the temperature of the engine, and if something goes wrong, the car will become like this.”

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