England should be ‘most feared country’ as we ‘maintain ambition’ during grim weather

By Staff

England should be the ‘most feared country on earth’ according to one social media user whose viral tweet has called the weather conditions of the country reason to praise the ‘strength’ of the nation

Members of the public believe England should be the “most feared country on earth” as our ambition remains undeterred by grim weather.

While the sun may be shining somewhat through summer the bulk of British weather is a slate of rain, snow and grey skies. But it is in this resolve that Twitter/X users find something to love and fear in equal measure. Praising the “strength” of those who can continue on in the dull climate, a viral post has revealed the strength of the country.

The post read: “The strength you need to put up with this climate and still go about your day/maintain any ambition. We should be the most feared country on earth.”

Members of the public seemingly agreed with the horrible weather assessment as the original post racked up thousands of likes and garnered a dozen retweets. One user described the tweet as “real”, believing this view of the country was accurate.

A second user quote-tweeting the original post merely wrote “Scotland”, referencing the country’s usually gloomy overcast and grey skies. Another user simply wrote the word “this”, agreeing with the assessment that the UK should be a feared part of the world because of how we deal with weather woes.

Weather forecasts for the rest of the month are unsurprisingly unpleasant. The Met Office has already confirmed an “even chance” of rainfall across the latter half of July and into August. The start to the month has been a fairly scattered experience of rain and sun, with the Met Office confirming low confidence in consistent weather.

It reads: “Confidence in the weather patterns at the beginning of this period is unusually low, with an erratic transition from cool, bright but showery weather over the previous weekend to something more unsettled, particularly in the south and west, likely to be underway.

A report from the weather office for the rest of the month reads: “As can often be the case at this time of year, predictability at this range is exceptionally low. There is a roughly even chance of rainfall being both below average and above average, whilst around average to above average temperatures are slightly favoured.”

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