Expert explains how to make free biodegradable plant pots made from packaging

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A genius gardening hack that uses up excess packaging from online shopping will save those with green fingers money and help the planet by reducing plastic waste

If you, like many people, are dismayed at the amount of cardboard you have to bin from your online deliveries and shopping you’ll love this creative tip from a gardening expert that puts it to good use.

Online shopping is incredibly convenient and many use it as their preferred way of doing their weekly shop or to buy clothes, gifts and household products. While it has a ton of benefits it also has one large drawback – the amount of waste it produces. A lot of purchases, including small items are often delivered in huge cardboard containers and if you’re a shopaholic, you may find yourself drowning in boxes that you’re left with no choice but to ditch in the bin. Finding ways to reuse packaging is beneficial to the planet and to those with an environmental conscience.

A gardening expert has come up with a genius way to make good use of those pesky boxes and to cut back on plastic waste at the same time – it could also save you money too. Simon Akeroyd shared his idea on TikTok and showed fans exactly how to do it. On his page simonakeroydgardening he wrote: “Too much online packaging? Make them into free eco-friendly pots. It’s so easy! No need to remove them from the pots. Just plant them directly in the ground and the roots will grow through. Happy gardening!”

In the accompanying clip, a smiling Simon takes his followers through the process step by step. First he takes some cardboard and soaks it in water for about 15 minutes so it’s easier to mould into shape. Next he cuts strips of it off that will fit around old glass jars or tins. He then rolls the cardboard around the cylindrical objects and tucks the cardboard under the base, squashing it down flat to form the bottom of the pot. Just before they are dry, he advises taking the jar or tin out. Your pot is now ready to fill with soil and for your seeds to be planted in it.

Simon recommends planting the entire pot complete with soil and seeds into the ground because the roots of the plant will push through as the cardboard breaks down and the plant grows. In this way there is no need to buy plant pots and it uses up your excess packaging too, making it an all round money saving, eco-friendly home hack.

Do you have any hacks for reusing packaging or other waste products? Share them in the comments below.

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