Expert shares one important tip to keep bananas ripe for up to 14 days

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Say goodbye to brown bananas by keeping them nice and cool

Bananas are a common fruit in many households, but at this time of year, they can go mouldy more quickly in the warmer weather. While brown bananas are perfect for banana bread, it can be a bit of a pain when bananas turn so quickly.

Most people leave their bananas on the counter or in a fruit bowl, thinking it keeps them fresher, but one food expert suggests that stashing them in the fridge could be a game-changer for fans of the fruit.

Food expert Kate Hall, who founded The Full Freezer, thinks this move can add a staggering 11 days to their shelf life, giving you lovely ripe bananas for up to 14 days.

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The tip is nice and easy, simply wait until they are as ripe as you like, then chuck them in the chiller part of the fridge, away from other fruit.

Kate also said: “If bananas are past the point of us wanting to eat them, you can peel them and then freeze them.” Frozen bananas are ace for smoothies, thawed for banana bread, or whipped into ice cream.

Professional baker and chef Sarah Bridenstine also points out that bananas need special storage attention to keep them fresh longer.

She said “To speed up the ripening of green bananas, bag them up. The gases they emit will work their magic. Once they’re perfectly cool, keep them cool to slow down over-ripening. Fridge them once they’re ripe to halt the blackening.”

The chef reiterated that it’s important to keep your ‘nanas away from other fruit in the fridge, they said: “Bananas release crazy amounts of gas that can prematurely ripen nearby fruit so store them separately.”

Even if you miss the sweet spot for ripening, bananas on the turn can still be used to make bread or used in smoothies. Other fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and grapes should also be stored in the fridge.

However, it’s crucial not to store them alongside other foods like onions or garlic as these can cause the fruit to spoil.

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