Gardening expert’s simple hack to repair patches in lawns with holy grail product

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Restore your garden back to its former glory with one expert’s simple trick to turn patchy grass into lush lawns in just a few weeks. You only need one item – and it won’t end up costing you a fortune

After the savage winter the UK endured, your lawn is probably looking a little worse for wear.

But as the weather slowly picks up, it’s time to get back into the garden and fix that patchy-looking grass in time for your next BBQ. While you may think your chances of a lush lawn have been crushed by the relentless rain and snow, there’s a simple hack to get it looking brand new again.

Gardening expert and writer Tom Strowlger shared his tried-and-tested method that should yield impressive results in just a few weeks. Plus, it won’t break the bank…

Taking to TikTok, the gardening ace used a gardening fork to “disturb the soil” that had become bald. “I’m taking a little sprinkle of Premier Grass Seeds from Boston Seeds and putting that into the patch,” he added. “Then I’m placing some compost on top to quilt it… It will germinate within weeks and make our lawn look lush.”

You can grab a bag of Boston Seeds Premier Lawn Grass Seed from a slew of online retailers and gardening shops. A 2kg bag of the acclaimed product costs £16 if you buy directly from Boston Seeds.

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The grass seed, which is also available on Amazon, has a slew of five-star ratings from satisfied customers. “If you want a quality grass seed then go no further, Boston Seeds is fantastic and does exactly what it says on the bag,” one person raved.

Another commented: “Worked a treat after leather jackets had completely damaged my lawn, over-seeded and top dressed and it’s starting to look decent again.” A third said it was no exaggeration their lawn is now the “best” they’ve ever seen it. They added: “A solid carpet of soft green and quite fine grass; the soil visible through the scarified grass has all vanished beneath this new coat.”

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