‘I broke up with my girlfriend straight after proposing – her hesitation was unforgivable’

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A man has been left feeling ’empty’ and ’embarrassed’ after his girlfriend of four years asked for more time when he got down on one knee to propose – and he assumed she’s hiding something

A heartbroken man has been left devastated after his girlfriend hesitated when he popped the question – leaving the relationship in tatters.

He couldn’t wait for the big moment he was going to propose to his partner of four years as the pair had made big plans together, discussing both marriage and starting a family. The girlfriend, 26, was “always extremely excited” about the day that she would be presented with the question ‘will you marry me’, however, the fairytale went horribly wrong when she paused and “seemed shocked” when her boyfriend got down on one knee.

The now “empty, sad, and embarrassed” 27-year-old man, who shared what happened on Reddit, had booked a weekend away at a resort where he planned to propose in a private area. But, he explained: “Well when I did propose to her, she somehow seemed shocked about it, and asked if she could have a few more months. That just completely stunned me and was one of the most heartbreaking moments of my life.”

The girlfriend “kept apologising” and insisted that they were “technically engaged” but she needed more time to officially accept the proposal. “When we returned back to our apartment, she was apologising a lot, and there was also a lot of crying,” explained the boyfriend.

But the hurt man was left unable to look past her doubt which he found “so heartbreaking”. He was ashamed to share what happened with his friends but consulted with his siblings. His brother told him to give her time while his sister suggested that his partner may be hiding something.

The annoyed man said: “My sister told me that my girlfriend was probably ashamed about accepting my proposal, given that she most likely was having an affair. My sister told me that my girlfriend would probably call off the affair in the next couple of months, after which she would be comfortable accepting the proposal.

“Completely contrasting opinions, but I sided with my sister because my brother gets a bit naïve at times. The more I thought about it, the more what my sister said made logical sense, and that just shattered my heart even more.”

Earlier this week, when his girlfriend came home from work, the frustrated man told his girlfriend their relationship was over. “I gave her no heads up about it and told her she had a couple of hours to pack up and leave,” he said.

He added: “She was shocked and talking a lot, asking why, but at this point, I just didn’t trust her anymore. She obviously cried but I was over it. A couple hours later, her friend came to pick her up, and I blocked her number so I didn’t get any more texts. I am still suffering a lot, and it will take a lot of time to heal through this.”

A number of people reacted on Reddit after the man asked for advice – while many people said he was not unreasonable for breaking up with her for not accepting the proposal, others said that to assume she was cheating was wrong.

One reacted and said: “You can break up for whatever reason you want. Her rejecting your proposal is a valid one if that’s what you want. At the same time, you assuming she’s cheating off that is absurd. And I would have personally given her a little while to consider.”

Another added: “If you just broke up with her cause she said no, I can understand that. But you have no proof that she was cheating.” One other said: “If you wanted to break up because she didn’t accept the proposal, that’s perfectly understandable. But to basically vengefully kick her out because he has decided in his mind that she is cheating with absolutely zero evidence or indication of that is absurd.”

But another disagreed and said: “Communication should be explicit. This is a life-changing decision. It cannot be decided on the spur of a moment.” Another wrote: “Getting kicked out of your home of four years without warning is such an upheaval and so traumatic.” “He just let go of a lovely woman who was only asking for time,” said another.

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