James Martin shares best way to get perfect scrambled eggs every time

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Scrambled eggs are always a popular breakfast dish and now TV chef James Martin has shared how you can rustle up the perfect eggs every time thanks to his simple method

Scrambled eggs are one of the most popular breakfast options – so here’s how to achieve the most perfect scrambled eggs.

The simple method, as explained by renowned TV chef James Martin seems super easy and will definitely get your morning off to a good start. The Saturday Morning chef answered questions from fans about their kitchen dilemmas and one viewer asked him how they can make “Michelin star” scrambled eggs. The caller stated they could make basic scrambled eggs, but wanted to brush up on their cooking and improve their dish and “take it to the next level”. James knew exactly what to do and came to the rescue with his easy recipe.

The chef recommended using duck eggs and called them “amazing” but for ease on the show, stuck with regular hen eggs. He also used butter, cream and green chilli and said “that’s all you really need”. He noted that black pepper is also “key”. To get started, James took a glass bowl and cracked two eggs into it. He said: “When I learned the best-scrambled eggs – and I actually learnt this from the late great Michel Roux Sr, who we sadly lost about two years ago – he taught me how to do these scrambled eggs.”

James then whisked the eggs together with a hand-held metal whisk to get them light and fluffy and then seasoned with some black pepper saying: “Put plenty of seasoning in.” He then added in salt, before putting some butter in the pan on the hob. The chef also stated that the art of the perfect scrambled eggs is due to the way they’re cooked. “It’s like cooking an omelette – the way you cook an omelette is not cook it until it’s brown,” he noted. “So the eggs must not brown whatsoever.”

Once the butter “foamed up” in the pan, he then added the eggs and said: “And then you whisk.” James stressed, “whatever you do, don’t stop whisking.” As he was whisking, he then added some cream to the eggs and then took the pan off the heat. To finish off, he placed a slice of toast down and layered the eggs on top. James then finely chopped a green chilli and sprinkled them on top and recommended to “leave the chilli seeds in.”

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