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How long will the snow last? London weather forecast this week


How long will the snow last? London weather forecast this week

Although spring is on the horizon, the UK is experiencing freezing temperatures, with cold weather set to continue.

Areas of Scotland experienced lows of -15.2°C overnight, making Tuesday night (March 7) the coldest night of the year so far.

While it wasn’t as cold in London, it was cold enough for snow to blanket the city.

But how long is the snow expected to last and when will it get warmer?

How long will the snow last in London?

A yellow weather warning for snow and ice will remain in place in London until 9am tomorrow, Thursday, March 9.

The Met Office warns that the snowfall today may cause disruption into Thursday morning, with traffic delays on the roads, and public transport such as buses and trains, with ice making pavements and cycle paths “impassable”.

The Met Office’s Matthew Lehnert said on Tuesday that the weather could impact travel over the next few days across southern England and South Wales.

He said: “The focus for the snow moves to southern England and South Wales tomorrow and some may wake up to a few centimetres of snow, with the south coast and far south-west likely to see a mix of rain and sleet.”

While the effects of the snow may be felt until Thursday, snowfall itself is expected to end today.

BBC weather forecasts sleet and light rain today, with highs of 3°C. On Thursday, the temperature will rise to 8°C, and heavy rain is expected.

Weather forecast for London

Following spells of snow today, temperatures are set to rise this week.

According to the Met Office, London will see highs of 8°C on Thursday, followed by highs of 7°C on Friday, and 8°C on Saturday.

Sunday will be even warmer, with highs of 13°C, which will continue into Monday, with highs of 12°C.

Although it is expected to rain on Thursday and Friday, dry weather is expected over the weekend. It is forecast to be cloudy and overcast on both Saturday and Sunday.

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