Mike Tindall strips down to all but his crown jewels on Bondi Beach in ‘skimpy’ trunks

By Staff

Mike Tindall was pictured wearing some very skimpy swimming trunks on Bondi Beach in Australia alongside his rugby podcast co-hosts James Haskell and Alex Payne

Mike Tindall was spotted sporting a pair of rather revealing swimming trunks on Bondi Beach, alongside his rugby podcast co-hosts James Haskell and Alex Payne – in a display of everything but his crown jewels that would make even his Royal wife Zara Phillips blush.

The trio jetted off to Australia to explore what the country has to offer beyond its famed rugby pitches. His blue trunks were emblazoned with ‘Vanilla Mike’, while Haskell’s bright pink pair featured milk carton designs, and Payne’s black trunks bore the phrase ‘for the game’.

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They encountered some of Australia’s unique wildlife and even faced off against legendary cricketer Glenn McGrath in the nets. Their Aussie adventure comes ahead of the 2025 British and Irish Lions Tour in Australia, which is expected to draw over 40,000 travellers next year.

Mike, James, and Alex immersed themselves in a series of challenges that showcased what they saw as the quintessential Aussie lifestyle.

The Express reports that the podcasting threesome took part in a surfing race at Bondi Beach, led by Hoppo and his team, before visiting WILD LIFE Sydney to mingle with native Australian animals such as koalas, kangaroos, and a cassowary.

Finally, they visited Melbourne’s Koorie Heritage Trust education centre to delve into Australia’s Indigenous heritage and culture, where they competed in an Emu egg painting challenge.

Mike Tindall, 45, MBE said: “Australia is an incredible destination with a wide range of great experiences and things to do and see.

“From riding waves at Bondi Beach to bonding with koalas and kangaroos, we dove headfirst into Aussie life and culture, and let’s just say, we’ve gotten some serious bragging rights.

“Who knew Alex would dominate the surf like a pro or that James would find his spirit animal in a kangaroo?”

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