Mum slammed for cutting toddler’s ‘rat tail’ hair without telling husband

By Staff

A child’s first haircut is an important milestone for any parent but one mum has asked for reassurance after she says she ‘trimmed’ her daughter’s hair without telling her dad causing a huge argument

A relationship between a husband and a wife has been left in tatters after a major fall-out over a haircut. The mother took it upon herself to give her daughter’s hair a ‘trim’ after noticing it was looking uneven without telling her father.

The mum claims the little’s girls locks were looking ‘bad’, with her long ends resembling more of a ‘mullet slash rat tail’. She admitted: “I gave her a little trim to make it look better. That was days ago. He just noticed today and was totally p*****.

“He said I broke his heart by doing that. When I apologised he just kept on. When I asked him what I could do to help the situation he had no answer but still kept on about how I cut her hair. I eventually lost my patience.

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  • “He then went on to say I make all the big decisions without him (I don’t) and then said it was emasculating to him cause I wasn’t listening and didn’t care about how he was feeling. I reminded him that I did apologise and asked what I could do to help the situation but that I was not going to sit here and fight nor was I going to listen to him badger me about it.”

    The wife confessed that her husband told her it was important in his culture to let a child’s hair grow long. She went on: “I don’t know if that is true but if it is then maybe someone should have told me that prior. Anyway, I just thought it was a really weird thing and I’m not sure this is just about hair.

    “Maybe I am insensitive but this all seems like a bit much her hair looked bad and it does grow back. It’s not like she had the longest hair either. I trimmed it.”

    If the mum was looking for validation from people on Reddit that she was in the right then she must have been disappointed. Readers flocked to blast her actions and reminded her how it would feel if it had happened the other way around.

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    One person scolded: “I think if this were in reverse and a dad gave baby her first haircut without even telling mom, everyone in the comments would take your side. I would just sincerely apologise again and try to be more mindful about including him in decisions. Even in non-Hispanic American culture, the first haircut is a big deal.”

    And someone else shared: “My neighbour cut my daughter’s hair for the first time without telling me. I was devastated. Still am. Unacceptable to be honest.”

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