‘My cousin’s baby names are so stupid – my entire family is ghosting her’

By Staff

A man has taken to social media to share how his cousin proudly shared her future daughter’s name on a family group chat – but everyone was so shocked by the moniker, they haven’t replied to her message

A man has been left gobsmacked after hearing the ‘unique’ names his cousin has allegedly picked out for her future daughter. He explained how his cousin has been creating a list of potential baby names – and decided to share them with their family on a group chat.

But after seeing the monikers on the list, the entire family left her on ‘read’, as the unusual names caught them by surprise. He said on Reddit: “My cousin wants a unique name for her future daughter. Mission accomplished! I feel bad because at least she has put some thought into these names, especially compared to how most of us were named. On the other hand, well, you saw the names.”

He says his cousin knows the monikers are ‘tragedeigh’ names – the term used to describe a name that has been “deliberately misspelled or completely made up to appear more unique than it actually is” – but she doesn’t care about that.

Sharing the list of five names and their personal meanings, he wrote: “Urf (Earth because no matter where the child lives in life, it will always be on Earth. Can’t fault the logic on that one. Elon Musk might take umbrage though.)

“Seaeoh (CEO. Apparently names dictate destiny and this name will cosmically transform the child into a successful business magnet.) Stamp (She was in a long-distance relationship with the father for a while and they used to send each other letters with…stamps. Sounds like what a caveman character in a film would be called.)

“Biotic (Connected to antibiotic. This will protect the child from disease. Antibiotic would be and I quote, ‘Ridiculous because it would sound like ‘Aunty’ which would cultivate bullying because she would sound old.’) Ayeai (AI. In the future AI will take over and if it turns nasty it will go easy on her kid because they share a name).”

He added: “Her logic is that so many children nowadays have unique names that it will eventually become normal and people with ‘standard’ names will be the ones looking foolish. Again, perhaps there is some logic to this.

“The father is utterly henpecked and I assume isn’t brave enough to say anything. I doubt two people could agree on any of these.” While most users shared their shock over the names, others shared a thought for his cousin’s future daughter, believing the monikers could stunt her in life.

Commenting on the names, one user said: “Joke names are fine and dandy for pets, toys, drag queens and Sims.” Another user added: “I say this in the kindest way possible. She is delusional and I dare say, stupid. That poor future child deserves better.” A third user said: “Unemployable might work as a middle name with those.”

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