‘My husband wants to skip our child’s graduation – people say I shouldn’t be annoyed’

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A woman was left fuming when her husband told her that he wouldn’t be attending their child’s graduation – but there was a good reason he gave and people branded her ‘unreasonable’

Seeing your child graduate will likely be one of the proudest moments of your whole life.

So when one woman’s husband, and the father of their child, refused to attend their little one’s graduation for what she thought was a ridiculous reason, she was angry. But when it was made clear that it was a nursery graduation for tiny children, people completely changed their minds and were left wondering why the “ridiculous” concept was even a thing.

Her husband had a “sports competition” that day, and so said he wouldn’t be able to go – but his wife was left raging. However, this was no ordinary graduation.

Taking to Mumsnet, she explained: “Nursery graduation at the end of the month and summer party right after, but husband says he has a sports/hobby competition that day. Don’t know if he’s joking but even the suggestion annoys me.

“Am I being unreasonable to expect him to attend the party? Our child won’t graduate again but I’m sure they’ll be competitions again. He is just getting back into this sport and it’s a regional competition, it’s not like a once-in-a-lifetime Olympics or something…”

In the comments, however, a whopping 90% of people voted that the woman had been unreasonable to think her hubby should miss out on his competition just because their nursery-age child was “graduating”.

Someone wrote: “Graduation from Nursery? That’s a new one for me.” Another added: “I wouldn’t expect my husband to come with me even if he was at home all day tbh. It’s hardly a significant life event in my opinion”.

“I can’t believe there’s now a ceremony for children leaving nursery. You are being unreasonable. l think these ‘graduations’ are nonsensical. It’s not like your child has obtained a degree”, one Mumsnetter fumed.

Another raged: “Nursery graduation? Nursery? Graduation? If you’re going to survive parenting with your sanity intact you have got to calm down.”

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