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Bill Murray spotted dancing in Clapton dive bar after MLB London game


Bill Murray spotted dancing in Clapton dive bar after MLB London game

The game between St. Louis and Chicago took place at London Stadium in Stratford as a part of the MLB’s effort to expand the sport. ‘

Sweet Caroline’ started playing over the loudspeakers during the seventh inning of Sunday’s game as Bill Murray was on the BT Sport show. He then began to remove everything from the broadcast desk, including hats from the Cardinals and Cubs, and flung them at the spectators below.

After the game was done, the 72-year-old actor was spotted drinking and dancing in a Clapton dive bar called Blondies.

The venue shared on their Instagram that Murray strolled in moments before the bar was closing for the night.

According to Blondies, the blues band which performed that night were requested to get back on stage after Murray’s surprise arrival.

Murray, spotted dancing along to the music and enjoying a nice bottle of tequila, had something to celebrate that night as a Cubs fan.

The Cubs took the first game 9-1 on Saturday in the two-game series, which was played on Saturday and Sunday. But the Cardinals managed to win 7-5 the following day.

This didn’t damage or break his love for the Cubs. Talking to BT Sport he shared:

“I was baptised a Cub fan, and there was a religious ceremony. I lived on the north side of Chicago, so my father was a Cub fan.

“That’s how it happens, your parents raise you a certain way and a certain religion, it’s a Cub religion.

“I’ve been very impressed by how they have put this event on over here (in London). There’s a lot of excitement. About 60 per cent of people have come from America to see it, and the other 40 per cent are locals and who knows what. There’s a lot of people, it’s a lot of fun and it’s the same game, the rules are the same.”

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