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Dan Walker got less than 3 hours sleep before final BBC Breakfast show


Dan Walker got less than 3 hours sleep before final BBC Breakfast show


an Walker has admitted he managed less than three hours of sleep before hosting his final BBC Breakfast on Tuesday due to “travel issues” the night before.

The TV presenter announced in April he was quitting the BBC after six years at the helm of Breakfast.

Ahead of his final show, the 45-year-old uploaded a video to social media for his “final stroll” into the Salford studio in which he revealed he was “armed with cakes” for the “brilliant Breakfast team”.

He said: “Good morning, here we go then. Final stroll into BBC Breakfast. You can see it’s a glorious morning here in Salford. I’m armed with cakes for the brilliant Breakfast team who have been an absolute pleasure to work with for the last six years.

“Sally’s in there probably, she always gets in a little bit early before me. Hopefully it’s going to be a fun day. Lots to talk about. Lots of big news stories around today.

“We’ve got some great guests on the show as well so I can enjoy the last one…for those asking how I got here safely – I did, just about. 2 hours and 46 minutes sleep so not the best prep for the final day but hopefully it’s going to be a fun one.”

Walker is set to join Channel 5 later this spring where he will present the news as well as front other television projects.

He will reportedly earn significantly more money than he was earning at the BBC.

Speaking of his departure in April, he said: “I love the team at BBC Breakfast.

“These six years I’ve had on this sofa have been the best six years of my career by some distance.

“But I think sometimes opportunities come by and you have to grab them, don’t you?

“I’ve never ever been motivated by money in any job that I’ve ever taken and, even though I love BBC Breakfast and everybody that works on the show, it’s a fantastic opportunity to work with a brilliant team at Channel 5 and also, to go and make some other programmes outside of here.”

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