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London trio behind county lines drug operation in Swindon sentenced to 17 years


London trio behind county lines drug operation in Swindon sentenced to 17 years


hree Londoners have been sentenced to a total of seventeen years in jail for their parts in a county lines heroin dealing operation in Swindon.

Kennedy Campbell, 26, of Enfield, was sentenced to seven years and two months, while Bernard Sindano, 29, of Walthamstow, and Ricardo Wright, 24, of Croydon, were sentenced to five years one month and four years nine months respectively.

The three men were sentenced in their absence after failing to appear in court, said Wiltshire Police.

The court heard how the police investigation stretched back to 2017 in order to crack the ‘Captain’ county lines drug network.

By tracking dealers’ phone numbers, police were able to establish Campbell as the kingpin of the network, running a line which saw Class A drugs distributed around Swindon.

He was first arrested in April 2018 alongside Wright, a month after Sindano was arrested, with officers seizing thousands of pounds of cash, drugs and burner phones.

L-R: Kennedy Campbell, Bernard Sindano and Ricardo Wright

/ Wiltshire Police

After analysing call and sim phone data, officers were able to piece together the movements of the trio, establish when the line was active.

Charges were brought in August 2020 against Campbell, Sindano and Wright for conspiring to supply cocaine and heroin, and possessing criminal property.

All three men pleaded guilty and were sentenced on Wednesday December 14.

PC Emma Rice, of Wiltshire Police, said: “This was an excellent piece of work by the Fortitude team to secure convictions for these three drug dealers.

“County lines dealers like these ruin lives and our team were determined to stop at nothing to ensure they were brought to justice.

“These convictions and sentences show that we won’t let county borders stop us from catching criminals who are trying to supply Wiltshire with illegal drugs.”

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