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Haney vs Lomachenko LIVE! Boxing updates and undercard results


Haney vs Lomachenko LIVE! Boxing updates and undercard results


aney vs Lomachenko LIVE!

Devin Haney and Vasyl Lomachenko lock horns tonight in an enormous undisputed world title fight in Las Vegas. The iconic MGM Grand is the setting for another lightweight blockbuster, with all the belts at 135lbs up for grabs in what should be a cracking main event and an intriguing clash of styles in boxing’s best division.

Haney is the favourite as he defends all four belts for the second time having become the first undisputed lightweight king of the modern era by outpointing George Kambosos Jr in Australia last summer, later cruising to victory in a rematch. Now he could have sights set on blockbuster bouts with the likes of Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis and Shakur Stevenson, but must first take care of business in a key test against Lomachenko, the former pound-for-pound superstar who could be in the last chance saloon as he bids to finally recover from that shock loss to Teofimo Lopez from 2020.

On tonight’s undercard, Andrew Moloney and Junto Nakatani compete for the vacant WBO super-flyweight title. Oscar Valdez returns against Adam Lopez, while exciting prospect Raymond Muratalla steps up against Jeremiah Nakathila after Nico Ali Walsh drew with Danny Rosenberger. Follow Haney vs Lomachenko live below!

Live updates


Andrew Moloney vs Junto Nakatani

Round 8

Great stuff from Nakatani, who finds his range once again and peppers Moloney with plenty of eye-catching shots and combinations, including more superb uppercuts with both hands.

His best round since he got the knockdown in the second, without question.

Another brutally honest assessment from Moloney’s corner before the ninth: “You aren’t fighting your fight. You aren’t going to win like that.

“We don’t have the rounds to let him take one off like that.”

Moloney is once again implored to try and take it to Nakatani on the inside and attempt to get him against the ropes, which he hasn’t managed to do at all so far.


Lomachenko the picture of calm as always.

Will he take what will surely be his last chance at undisputed glory tonight?


Devin Haney and Vasyl Lomachenko arrive

Excitement continues to build ahead of tonight’s huge main event in Las Vegas!

Devin Haney and Vasyl Lomachenko are both now in the house ahead of their massive undisputed lightweight showdown.


Andrew Moloney vs Junto Nakatani

Round 7

Moloney just can’t avoid that Nakatani uppercut, try as he might.

Nakatani crashes in another midway through the seventh and then digs in a lovely right to the body for good measure.

Great action as the two men stand and trade in the middle of the ring, with Nakatani trying to trap Moloney against the ropes before the bell.

Moloney is managing to engage and wear down Nakatani with his physicality on the inside, but he’s not doing nearly enough damage.

Nakatani isn’t moving nearly as well and is taking more punches than he’s used to, but he’s still landing the much cleaner punches.


Andrew Moloney vs Junto Nakatani

“Cut him down like a tree. You’ve got to get him on the ropes, he’s got nothing on the ropes mate.”

Moloney’s trainer is providing so much entertainment tonight!


Andrew Moloney vs Junto Nakatani

Round 6

“Stay low, stay low,” is the roar from Moloney’s extremely vocal trainer, who is audible at all times throughout every round despite the MGM Grand starting to fill up nicely.

Moloney gets a confidence boost with a nice right hand that finds the mark early in the sixth.

He’s on the front foot now, forcing the tempo and making Nakatani work.

Suddenly the Japanese fighter seems a bit more tentative and apprehensive, eating more shots and not moving as well after his confident start.

Getty Images

Andrew Moloney vs Junto Nakatani

Round 5

Nakatani is a brilliant and effortlessly smooth operator – he unleashes a series of thudding uppercuts and stylish left hands that buzz Moloney in the fifth.

The gritty Moloney is trying again to slow him on the inside, grabbing and flailing, but he then gets caught with a glancing blow over the top.

Moloney, to his credit, has some success to the body, but he’s being outclassed here for the most part.

18 knockouts in 24 fights for Nakatani – can he make that 19?


Andrew Moloney vs Junto Nakatani

Round 4

Moloney is really trying to dig in here, attempting to make this a messy scrap on the inside and limiting Nakatani’s ruthless precision in a better fourth.

Credit to Nakatani’s cut man, who has cleaned up that awkward gash near the left eyebrow very well.

Moloney is told by his corner that he’s being wrapped up too easily on the inside – they want their man to bump Nakatani and try and get him against the ropes and hurt him to the body.


Andrew Moloney vs Junto Nakatani

Round 3

Moloney is trying to up the aggression levels now after a dominant start from Nakatani – “get inside” is the constant shout from the Australian’s corner.

His problem is that every time he ups the tempo, springs forward and lands, he tends to get nailed by an emphatic counter swiftly.

The uppercut is a huge weapon for Nakatani, who isn’t letting that nasty cut effect him too much.

3-0 to Nakatani.


Andrew Moloney vs Junto Nakatani

Round 3

Oh this isn’t good at all.

An accidental headbutt has just opened up a huge cut on the forehead of Nakatani early in the third, close to the eyebrow.

The ringside doctor is called up quickly to take a look as they try to stem the flow of blood.

At least it isn’t above either eye so shouldn’t obscure his vision, though that will bleed a lot through the course of this fight.

On we go…

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