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Rubiales ‘ashamed’ about gesture after World Cup final


Rubiales ‘ashamed’ about gesture after World Cup final


uis Rubiales has apologised after being pictured grabbing his crotch near Queen Letizia and her daughter while celebrating Spain winning the World Cup.

In an interview with Piers Morgan Uncensored on Talk TV, Rubiales said he was “truly ashamed” by his actions and added there were “no excuses” for his behaviour.

The 46-year-old, who resigned as the president of Spanish football federation on Sunday, is due to appear in a Madrid court on Friday over his kiss with Spain forward Jenni Hermoso.

Rubiales has been summoned by a high court judge to respond to accusations of sexual assault and coercion.

He insisted during his interview with Morgan on Wednesday night that his kiss with Hermoso was a “mutual act”. Rubiales admitted it was a mistake, given his role as president, but did not apologise to the Spain forward.

He did, however, say sorry for his actions at the full-time whistle of the World Cup final when he was pictured in the stands grabbing his crotch near Queen Letizia and her 16-year-old daughter.

“For this, I am truly ashamed,” he said. “More from an internal perspective than anything else. There are no excuses. I apologise because it is not the behaviour I have to do.

“In Spain with guys, as well as women, there is an expression that would probably translate to something like: ‘Oh my genitals’ or something to that respect. So this vulgar expression, what it means is bravo, well done.

“When the final whistle went, [former Spain head coach] Jorge Vilda looked at me and said: ‘This is for you’, gesturing quite strongly. I gestured back and said: ‘No, no, this is for you. This is for you for all the suffering we have had’.

“And so I made a gesture, it was unfortunate, but it wasn’t in a negative connotation. It was to say bravo, well done.”

Rubiales said during his interview with Morgan that the “truth hasn’t surfaced” and cultural misunderstanding had led to reaction to his kiss with Hermoso blowing up.

“I think Latin people, and it’s a cultural question, have that tactile [approach], it’s pretty normal in a Latin world between guys and girls,” he said.

“It was mutual act. She (Hermoso) came towards me, very happy. She lifted me up, she lifted me up in the air.

Rubiales insisted during his interview with Morgan on Wednesday night that his kiss with Hermoso was a “mutual act”

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“When we hit the ground, there was a quick conversation. There was a quick conversation when we hit the ground, we were both emotional.

“We congratulated each other, I gave her a quick peck. I asked her: ‘Can I give you a quick peck?’ Which is normal in our country. I think she gave me one or two slaps on my side, she was laughing.

“This has turned out to be a snowball created by spurious arguments and people. My intentions were noble, enthusiastic, 100 per cent non-sexual, 100 per cent, I repeat, 100 per cent.

“I do understand as president I should have acted in a more solemn, cold and diplomatic way. “

When asked if he would have acted in the same way had it been Spain’s men’s team, Rubiales added: “No doubt about it, 100 per cent.”

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