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Taylor vs Cameron LIVE! Boxing updates and undercard results


Taylor vs Cameron LIVE! Boxing updates and undercard results

Katie Taylor faces Chantelle Cameron in her long-awaited Ireland homecoming tonight. It seems utterly remarkable that the boxing pride of the Emerald Isle has never previously competed as a professional in her native country, but that finally changes in front of a raucous sold-out crowd at the 3Arena in Dublin tonight. While not quite Croke Park, there will still be a tremendous atmosphere in what Taylor believes will be the hardest bout of her illustrious career to date.

Rather than accept a low-level opponent or mandatory defence after the postponement of her much-hyped rematch with Amanda Serrano, the usually unassuming ‘Bray Bomber’ instead went on the offensive and pushed for a massive showdown with a fellow superstar in Nottingham’s Cameron. Victory for Taylor tonight would see her go down in history as a two-weight undisputed world champion.

On the undercard, Terri Harper’s super-welterweight title defence against Cecilia Braekhus was called off this morning, but there was another world title showdown as JJ Metcalf took Dennis Hogan’s IBO belt. There were wins for home favourites Thomas Carty, Caoimhin Agyarko and Paddy Donovan earlier in the night, but Gary Cully was stunned as he fell to a third-round stoppage defeat against Jose Felix Jr. Follow Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron live below!

Live updates


Taylor vs Cameron

Round 8

Taylor is being pushed right back, Cameron will not stop moving forward. Scrappy first minute, Taylor needs something big.

Uppercut from Cameron, who then catches Taylor as she forces her back onto the ropes. Taylor lands a left hook, Cameron’s face is starting to mark up but nothing that will concern her yet.

Right hand from Taylor, big finish to the round and the crowd go up again.

That might just have been enough for Taylor to edge the round. She still needs these final two.


Taylor vs Cameron

Round 7

Cameron moving so well in there, Taylor can’t get away from her. She’s jabbing Taylor’s head off in this right, the Irish fighter is under big pressure.

Warning from the referee about puncing on the break, Cameron with another flurry in the final ten seconds. That’s a great round for the Brit.

She has to be ahead on the cards. Taylor could well need all three from here.


Taylor vs Cameron

Round 6

Taylor with a good first minute, she might need to win four of these last five rounds after the first half of the fight.

Uppercut from Cameron, here we go… they’re trading in centre ring! Suits Cameron just fine, though she’s taking some punishment now too. Right hook from Cameron, Taylor with a one-two of her own.

They used about a foot of the ring in that final minute, relentless exchanges. Taylor’s round.


Taylor vs Cameron

Round 5

McGregor up on his feet as Taylor lets her hands go, but Cameron doesn’t look bothered by those shots at all.

One-two from Cameron, Taylor is struggling to see it coming as the hair comes across her face again. Impacting her vision a lot. Cameron lines up a massive right hand, Taylor sees that one though and shuffles to the side.

Better finish to the round from Taylor, catching Cameron as she comes in, but you have to think the Irish fighter is behind at the halfway stage.

And they need to fix the hair issue!


Taylor vs Cameron

Round 4

Taylor finding it difficult to stop Cameron marching forward, the Nottingham fighter lands a nice uppercut. She’s enjoying herself when Taylor stands there with her, she’s got the advantage when they trade.

Pressure from Cameron is relentless, and now Taylor is being bothered by hair coming across her face. Corner will need to fix that.

Good round for Cameron. She’s level on the cards at worst.


Taylor vs Cameron

Round 3

Taylor starting to have a bit more success, crowd responding. Still haven’t seen those fast hands and combinations particularly regularly. That’s more like it, right hand gets through and backed up with a jab.

Clash of heads as Taylor looks to roll away from the ropes, both look fine though. Smile from Cameron as another Taylor combination comes in.

Better round that from Taylor. Tight, she’s potentially 2-1 up.


Taylor vs Cameron

Round 2

It’s Cameron looking to set herself in centre ring, getting straight on the front foot. Taylor turns off the ropes though and gets herself out of trouble.

Both are landing good jabs, and Cameron is landing well to the body. Great left hook, but Taylor responds with one of her own.

Taylor spent much of that round on the ropes, Cameron has looked to come flying out of the blocks.


Taylor vs Cameron

Round 1

Sharp start from Cameron, closing the distance and forcing the early pace. Establishing that jab well.

One-two from Taylor catches Cameron, huge roar from the crowd. Starting to put the combinations together, but Cameron responds with a left hook.

It’s absolutely frantic! This fight is going to fly by.


Here we go!

First round is underway! Ten two-minute rounds scheduled.


David Diamante enjoying every second of this too. Giving it full beans.

“Tonight she is the challenger,” he says of Taylor. Not very often she hears those words. To be honest she probably can’t hear much at the moment with this crowd.

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