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15 bestselling items on Amazon that will help you sleep better


15 bestselling items on Amazon that will help you sleep better

Your BEST night sleep yet: 15 bestselling items on Amazon that will help you sleep better from a £5.30 pillow spray to bedding and blackout eye masks

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There’s no better feeling than waking up after a good night’s sleep, but that is easier said than done. 

March 17 marks World Sleep Day, and quality sleep is something many of us struggle with, but frustrated shoppers have found some game-changing solutions on Amazon, and they don’t cost the earth.

Thousands of Amazon shoppers struggling with sleep have left their glowing testimonies on a range of bestselling sleep aids on the mega-site. 

From adjustable memory foam pillows to light-blocking sleep masks and calm-inducing pillow sprays, we’ve rounded up some of the bestselling items on Amazon to help you get your best night’s sleep yet. 

This luxury memory foam pillow is filled with ultra-soft and comfortable shredded memory foam with added cooling particles to help you get your most comfortable night’s sleep.

Shoppers have called it a ‘game-changer’, with many raving about how it ‘completely changed my sleep’.


A quick and easy way to add comfort to an old or poor mattress, the luxuriously thick 10cm ACRALI HOME Mattress Topper has over 4,000 five-star reviews. 

Designed with 100 per cent hollowfibre, the mattress feels cushioning and comforting, helping you get a better night’s sleep.  


Over 11,000 Amazon shoppers have bought and loved the Feather & Down Sweet Dream Pillow Spray. Made with an infusion of lavender and chamomile essential oils, it promises to help reduce an anxious mind and encourage calm.

Just spray a few spritzes of this on your pillow, bedding or pyjamas for instant comfort to aid a restful and relaxing night’s sleep.


Looking for a sleep mask to block out all light without rubbing or irritating your skin?

The Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask is the number one bestseller in Sleep Masks on Amazon, with shoppers raving about the super soft cotton triangle wing design that reduces pressure around the eyes and face whilst blocking all light.


Generously filled for endless comfort and support, helping you to sleep more deeply every night, the Silentnight Deep Sleep Duvet has a tog of 10.5 for year-round comfort. 

It’s also fully machine washable, so you can keep enjoying a deep sleep night after night.  


Shoppers suffering from back and neck pain have changed their sleep thanks to the ComfyCozy Luxury Memory Foam Pillow.

Moulding to the shape of your head and neck to promote correct spine alignment, the pillow distributes pressure evenly throughout the night.


Amazon shoppers looking for a non-permanent solution to blackout binds have left rave reviews for the easynight blackout blind. 

Quick and easy to use with removable VELCRO Brand self-adhesive attachments, you can use this wherever and whenever you need total darkness. 


Did you know that magnesium helps promote overall wellbeing as well as aids relaxation in muscles?

An effective and convenient alternative to tablets and capsules, these flakes are added to your bath to replenish the body with this essential mineral. And according to thousands of glowing reviews, it really does help to relax the body, making it the perfect pre-bed ritual.


The Brentfords Teddy Fleece Heavy Weighted Blanket has equally stitched pockets that have been filled with micro glass beads that add weight (4kg, 6kg or 8kg) that mimics the pressure of being held. 

This deep-pressure stimulation is proven to help generate a calming, relaxing feeling, aiding in a good night’s sleep. 


Developed with acupuncturists, the Supportiback Acupressure Mat and Pillow helps to improve blood flow, helping to release tension, improving aches and pains.

Over 3,600 shoppers have also reaped the benefits of using it before bed. As it slowly calms your body, an improvement in sleep is also an impressive side effect. 


If you wake up frequently at night, blocking out light and noise could give you the comfort you need to sleep deeper and for longer. 

With Bluetooth wireless headphones built into the band, you can create a relaxing soundtrack to help you drift off, but it also blocks out light, so you can hopefully fall asleep faster. 


Hailed a ‘miracle product’ by tired parents, this white noise machine has a range of white noise, a fan and natural sounds to help create the perfect relaxing environment to encourage a better night’s sleep. 

Stifling outdoor sounds, the white noise machine is a top buy with adults and babies alike, with many reporting ‘game-changing’ results. 


Made with 100 per cent Mulberry Silk, this sumptuously smooth pillowcase will have you excited to hit the hay every night. 

Providing the perfect slip to protect your skin against sleep lines, it also creates less friction for your hair to glide over, reducing hair breakage and keeping it tangle-free. 


If you’re struggling to get out of bed in the mornings, then a sunrise alarm clock could be one way to trick you into feeling refreshed and awake. 

Replicating sunlight, it gradually brightens over 30 minutes to help wake you gently with no abrupt noises. It also has a 30-minute dimming sunset that can be used to relax at bedtime. 


The number one bestselling Duvet Set on Amazon, the Utopia Bedding Duvet Cover has been called ‘so soft it’s unreal’.

Soft and cosy, it’s designed with brushed microfiber fabric that makes it soft, breathable, iron easy, fade resistant and protects against any shrinkage after washing.


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