The little-known beach laws that could see you fined thousands if broken

By Staff

You could be fined thousands just by what may seem like a harmless activity

With the summer holidays fast approaching, staycations appear to only be increasing in popularity, with many families opting to take a holiday to the British coast rather than jetting off abroad this year.

But while this may prove a cheaper option, there is one little-known law that beachgoers should make sure to follow, or risk being hit with huge fines.

Ahead of the summer rush, Parkdean Resorts have highlighted that holidaymakers should be made aware of the Coastal Protection Act of 1949, which made it illegal to take any kind of natural materials from public beaches, including shells, sea glass, pebbles, sand, and even driftwood.

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Taking pebbles home from the beach could even result in a fine of up to £1,000. And if your little ones want to take a little bit of the beach home with them, TikToker @meeshylynn has the perfect solution that will keep the children happy and avoid any fines

Simply take some colourful shop-bought pebbles to the beach and bury them for your children to find without them seeing – not only will you avoid the hefty fine but you will create lifetime memories.

Tourists should also be mindful of what they wear while driving to the beach, with Rule 97 of the Highway Code banning a number of common items of summer clothing when behind the wheel.

Wearing flip-flops, dark sunglasses, or even maxi dresses could land you an on-the-spot £100 fine, increasing to £5,000 and 9 penalty points if the case is taken to court.

You can also be hit with on-the-spot fines of £100 for walking dogs or having a barbeque on beaches where this is forbidden, so be extra careful to check for signs forbidding these, or check online before trekking to the beach only to have to turn back on arrival.

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