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‘My mum demands I marry my dead sister’s husband and raise their kids – I look just like her’

A desperate woman has reached for support, confessing she has no one to talk to,…

By Staff

Boss uses sneaky trick to ‘weed out idiots’ applying for job – and it always works

A boss has taken to social media to share the simple trick he uses when…

By Staff

‘My sister’s livid that my wedding is in her ‘busy season’ – mum is on her side’

A bride has been accused of 'upsetting' her sister because her wedding date clashes with…

By Staff

‘My boring neighbour sent me long letter about my children – she says they’re annoying’

While most people enjoy the sound of children having fun and playing outside - some…

By Staff

‘My husband likes sleepovers with his female best friend – I feel uneasy’

A woman can't shake her suspicions as her husband is 'always texting' an old school…

By Staff

Four lawn care blunders to avoid this spring to stop moss and weeds taking over

A lawn expert has shared the four lawn blunders you shouldn't make if you want…

By Staff

Home Bargains unveils huge logo ‘change’ and brand new name with Mrs Hinch

Sophie Hinchliffe, also known as Mrs Hinch, was thrilled after Home Bargains 'rebranded' in honour…

By Staff

You have 20/20 vision if you can spot beautiful seashell in water in under 20 seconds

This seemingly easy yet hard underwater brain teaser will leave your mind swimming around for…

By Staff

Dad gets ‘pro revenge’ on daughter’s rude teacher who bullied her in class years later

Parents will do anything to protect their children - especially from bullying teachers on a…

By Staff

Crocs and Pringles launch limited edition shoes – complete with snack holder

Pringles x Crocs is the collaboration we didn't realise we needed until now. The limited-edition…

By Staff

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