‘A stranger rewarded my husband for parenting our child – I never get praise’

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A woman is hitting back at the ‘impossible’ standards placed on mums after her husband was rewarded by a stranger simply for parenting their child – despite her doing it every day

Parenting isn’t a walk in the park for anyone, but there are often higher standards placed on mums compared to dads.

If you’re a mum who has ever gone out without your child, you’ll probably have been asked where your little one is or who is looking after them in your absence. However, if you’re a dad who goes out without their child, you may not have faced these same questions. Double standards in parenting often put more pressure on mums to constantly be parenting their children while dads can freely spend time without their kids, and when dads do take their children out for the day, they’re often praised for it – despite it being the bare minimum.

One woman is now hitting out at the “impossible” standards placed on mums, as she shared a story in which her husband was actually rewarded by a total stranger simply for taking their daughter to a cafe – something the mum does with the 16 month old every day but has never been rewarded for.

In a story shared with Kidspot, the mum explained that her husband had taken their daughter out while she was working, and took the tot to a cafe that the mum visits every day. But as soon as he walked in, he was showered with praise from people calling him a “good dad” – with one stranger even handing him a free doughnut for his efforts.

The mum said: “I go to that cafe every day, and no one has ever told me I’m doing a good job. I’m not saying I need praise, but I find it nuts he takes her out once and gets showered with compliments and free food, and I get nothing.”

And the anonymous woman isn’t alone either, as a previous Reddit post also addressed the same issue. The post was titled: “Genuinely won’t ever understand why dads get praised for doing the bare minimum when it comes to their kids,” and the body of the post simply read: “Most men will never understand how difficult it is to actually have to parent 24/7.”

Commenters on the post were largely in agreement with the poster, with many pointing out the bar for men is “so low” that when they meet or exceed the bare minimum, they’re deemed “super dads”.

One person wrote: “My husband takes our baby out for runs with the jogging stroller frequently [and] the whole goddamn town cheers the man on. It’s crazy,” while another added: “My mother-in-law always likes to tell me how lucky I am that my husband does ‘so much’ for his kids because her other son doesn’t. It’s not that I’m lucky, it’s that her other son sucks.”

Times are changing, however, and these days dads are stepping up in parenting and breaking away from old stereotypes. According to Kidspot, nearly half of fathers in 1982 admitted to never changing their kids’ nappies, but now that figure is down to just 3%.

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