Adam Sandler stuns West Londoners as he rocks up at Ladbroke Grove basketball courts for a game

By Staff

Hollywood’s best-paid actor played basketball in Ladbroke Grove last week. No this is not a tagline from a movie but an actual thing that happened in Ladbroke Grove, Kensington last week as Adam Sandler popped into a local gym for a pick-up game of basketball.

The star of films Uncut Gems, Punch Drunk Love and The Waterboy, stunned locals as he took to the court at Kensington Leisure Centre to shoot some hoops. Sandler is no stranger to playing local pick-up games of ball, as he said in an interview once that it is common for him to go down to local courts when he’s shooting on location.

Sandler last week topped Forbes list of Hollywood’s best-paid actors for 2023 thanks to his stand-up tour and a number of films, raking in around $73 million. In the footage of Sandler playing in Ladbroke Gove, he is dressed in jeans and a Hawaiian shirt, casually throwing some reverse passes, chatting with the other players and taking pictures with fans.

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Many people in the comments were surprised that such a star would be there with some thinking at first that it ‘was a lookalike’ and another saying ‘It was actually him’.

Other people showed their respect for the star with one person saying ‘this is why Adam Sandler is the goat’ (greatest of all time). Others thought that him playing like this really made him seem so down-to-earth with one comment reading ‘how is he still so humble’.

Famous stars have turned up at local sports facilities before in London. Last year Chris Brown played basketball in London and a couple of years ago Brazillian football legend Kaka played 6-a-side football in Hoxton.

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