Adorable career test reveals what your ideal job is – by identifying which cake you are

By Staff

An adorable quiz has gone viral for more than just its nostalgic feel, because the aim of it is to tell you what your ideal career is, and what your work personality is like

Everybody wishes they had a crystal ball and could predict what career would be perfect for them – but thanks to one website, you really can.

The brains behind Cake Resume have created a quiz that will delve deep into your personality and work out which jobs are most suited to you, what your colleagues say about you, and even who your work besties are. If the adorable, nostalgic, pixellated animations aren’t enough to draw you in, maybe the fact that it tells you ‘recommended roles’ so you can explore different career avenues will. All you need to do is answer some easy multiple-choice questions, and you’ll get given a cute personality profile at the end.

Taking to Instagram, @cakeresume captioned a post about the quiz ‘What Cake R U?’: Our quiz WHAT CAKE R U has reached 10 million players. Thank you for taking this test. We’ll bring more cute n fun quizzes like this for y’all in the future.”

When you complete the quiz, you’ll be taken to ‘Job Hunting Village’ where you’re asked a series of 12 questions, that should be pretty easy for you to answer.

Some of the questions include ‘It’s your first time at Job Hunting Village, how do you feel?’, ‘Find out where your heart is taking you! Touch the crystal ball to see the future. In your imagination, what kind of person will you be in the future?’, and ‘From here, you will train skills to make your CV more powerful. What kind of CV do you wish to make?’

Each question you answer says a lot about your personality and the type of career you wish to have in the future, and at the end of the quiz, you’re given a profile that tells you which cake type you are. Each cake corresponds to a specific collection of work values, beliefs, and behaviours, which helps participants understand their strengths, what they need to work on, and career suggestions. It even tells you who you’re most compatible with at work, so get your colleagues to complete it too and compare which cakes you are.

You can complete the adorable quiz here.

Which cake did you get? Let us know in the comments.

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