Air fryers are ridiculously ‘easy’ to clean when using baking soda and one ingredient

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A cleaning lover says air fryers are ‘easy to clean’ thanks to her trick with two cheap cleaning products and boiling water – it is said to help clear grease quickly from the kitchen appliance

We are a nation obsessed with air fryers but it’s no secret that the kitchen appliances aren’t the easiest to keep clean.

One of the best things about using an air fryer is not having to use tin foil, baking sheets or trays – you can just whack the food straight in and the device cooks your food. But, grease and pieces of grub can easily get stuck between the basket if you don’t use a liner. Often you can scrub it for ages and the stains won’t budge.

Nancy Emery, a cleaning expert at Tap Warehouse, told The Express that you must clean your air fryer in between each of the dishes you cook in it, otherwise, it’ll be a nightmare to clean later. Cleaning content creator and homeware lover Lyndsay – known as @norfolkavenue on TikTok – says she thinks that air fryers are “one of the easiest things to clean” thanks to her trick.

Lyndsay said: “How to clean your airfryer! Literally so easy. All you need to do is add bicarbonate soda also known as baking soda, washing up liquid and boiling water into your air fryer basket. Let it soak for 30 mins and use a scratch resident sponge to clean off any excess.”

Demonstrating on TikTok how she does it, Lyndsay starts by removing all the left over crumbs from her air fryer. Next, she adds three scoops of baking soda to the basket. She then adds some washing-up liquid – she uses the Fairy Original washing-up liquid, however, any brand of dish soap can be used for this tip.

You can easily pick up a 200g of baking soda at Tesco for 65p, while washing up liquid retails at 69p. Meanwhile Sainbury’s are selling a 450ml bottle of washing up liquid for 62p.

Lydsay then pours in boiling water to the basket making sure the bottom is completely submerged. She lets the solution soak for 30 minutes for “effortless cleaning”. She says her trick helps lift grease off an air fryer.

To finish off the cleaning lover pours the dirty water out into the sink before giving the air fryer tray a light scrub with a sponge. She then rinses the air fryer tray as well as the basket.

Have you tried the hack? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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