Aldi fan heartbroken after little-known item is discontinued – but it’s easy to make

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An Aldi fan noticed they hadn’t spotted a must-have freezer item of theirs in stores for a long time, and realised the store had discontinued it. But luckily, fellow shoppers say it’s easy to make at home

An Aldi fan has been left heartbroken after the supermarket seemingly discontinued a freezer item which was a staple in her home.

It’s truly awful when a supermarket, or any shop for that matter, discontinues an item you keep buying time after time. You might end up trying to find the item elsewhere, or if worst comes to worst, attempt to make it at home instead.

One woman has been left with this dilemma after claiming she hadn’t been able to find one particular freezer item anywhere. Taking to the Aldi UK Shoppers Facebook group, the woman asked: “Does anyone know if there have been discontinued, I can’t find them anywhere,” followed by a sad face. She attached a photo of a frozen Aldi product – Lemon & Lime Slices from the brand Four Seasons.

Many Aldi fans didn’t even know the product existed, while others came with really helpful suggestions. “Yeah they are discontinued! We may have them back in the summer! Last year was the first year we sold them,” said one user.

However, another person, who seemingly works for Aldi, commented: “Never seen them in 15yrs of working for Aldi,” while a third wrote: “I think they have been discontinued as I used to buy them 2 years ago but not seen them since.”

However, many people suggested the woman buy fresh lemons and limes then freeze them herself. One person wrote: “So easy to make them yourself, all you need to do is separate the slices while they first freeze (use baking parchment to separate layers). Once frozen you can put them together in a bag or container to get the freezer space back.”

Another added: “I do my own freeze on a chopping board and then bag,” while a third commented: “We just freeze fresh ones we don’t use so there is no waste.”

Although the item appears to still be on the Aldi UK website, Aldi confirmed the Four Seasons Lemon & Lime Slices (350g) has been discontinued. A spokesperson for Aldi said: “We continually review our range of products to make sure we’re meeting the needs of Aldi shoppers.”

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