Aldi fans rush to buy limited-edition crisps that are so good they ‘should be illegal’

By Staff

An unusual flavour of crisps from Aldi has sent shoppers into a frenzy, as one fan jokes there should be a ‘law against the manufacturing of these bad boys’ – but not everybody can find them

Lent is nearly over, and foodies are going mad for an unusual flavour of crisps.

Whether you crunch them into a sarnie or demolish a bag on its own while watching the soaps, crisps are a cupboard essential in most British households; they are the difference between a boring office lunch and a magnificent one. Plus, if you’re willing to step out of your Ready Salted comfort bubble, there is a whole world of tantalising flavour combos waiting for you.

At budget supermarket Aldi, a limited-edition packet of crisps is going down a storm – but shoppers are struggling to get hold of them.

The Specially Selected Chilli & Maple Flavour Parsnip Crisps have sparked somewhat of a frenzy online after being posted in the Facebook group Aldi UK shoppers. One woman uploaded a picture of the snacks, arguing they were so good they should be illegal.

“There should be a law against the manufacturing of these bad boys!” she joked. “Me and the hubby have gone through two packs of these today… I just only hope Aldi is going to take full responsibility for my weight gain!! I wonder if these count towards my five a day.”

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Fans rushed to the comments section to hail the crisps – with many saying they have struggled to spot them on the shelves in recent weeks. “I think the word was LUSH, but we haven’t found them again,” one person wrote. Another said: “These are amazing.”

A third added: “I’ve been forced to buy them……only to remove them from the shelves to save others suffering….honest!” Currently priced at £1.15 for a 100g at Aldi – the crisps are only available while stocks last – so what are you waiting for?

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