All the subtle details you may have missed in Kate Middleton’s video message on cancer diagnosis

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Kate Middleton’s video address to the nation has instantly become one of the world’s biggest talking points, but beyond the words, there are subtle but very relevant details you may have missed.

In recent weeks speculation and conspiracy theories have been swirling over her continued absence from public life after she underwent abdominal surgery in January. This was fuelled further by the Princess of Wales’ eventual admission she had edited a photo of her and her children – Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis – released for Mother’s Day.

But while the world invented its own wild theories for why she was still not back at work, the royal was coming to terms with the fact she may have cancer, after it was found to have been present before her “successful” surgery. In her bombshell video address, Kate says it has been a “tough couple of months”. Here are the little, yet very significant, details that you may have missed.

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Cherry blossom and daffodils

The video address was shot on a bench in a garden, with cherry blossom and daffodils – seasonal flowers that only appear at this time of year – in the background. It’s highly possible shooting the video in this setting was a way to head off potential conspiracy theories about when it was recorded.

Her engagement ring was prominent

One of the key points around the now infamous Mother’s Day photo was that the Princess of Wales did not appear to be wearing her wedding and engagement rings, the latter of which is iconic and very visible owing to the large sapphire set in it. She said after the furore about the picture that she had edited it herself which may explain the absence of the ring if an old picture was used to cover any signs of her treatment.

However in the video address on Friday (March 22), her engagement ring was front and centre, displayed clearly on her left hand, often laying over the top of her right hand, with her wedding ring tucked underneath it. Again. this may be to dampen conspiracy theories about her and Prince William’s relationship following the Mother’s Day photo speculation.

‘Cancer had been present’

Kate appears to have been saying that while cancer was present before she underwent abdominal surgery it is not confirmed that she still has cancer now. The chemotherapy she is now going through has been described as ‘preventative’ suggesting it’s not because cancer has been confirmed as still present.

It’s still unclear exactly what her abdominal surgery entailed. If the cancer was identified beforehand, surgeons will sometimes perform a partial gastrectomy, which removes part of the stomach to effectively cut out the cancerous part. However Kate said tests after the surgery confirmed cancer had been present beforehand, so it is not known if any of Kate’s stomach was removed as it was not confirmed at that stage she had cancer. However she did describe the procedure as ‘major’ abdominal surgery.

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