American mindblown over UK traffic lights that turn roads into a ‘dragstrip’

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Ghost hunter Kalani Smith from Tennessee shared his amazement at discovering how UK traffic lights work and said that every stoplight feels like a ‘dragstrip’ to him

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Tennessee man shares favourite part about driving in UK

An American ghost hunter took time off from his paranormal activities to gush over something much more earthly – traffic lights. Kalani Smith was amazed while visiting the UK that there is an extra colour combination included in the road signal system.

The man, from Tennessee, explained on his ‘Kalani Ghost Hunter’ TikTok page: “For all of my American friends, we all love going to a red light and trying to time up when that puppies turning green. But let me tell you, in the UK it tells you. I will be sitting at a red light waiting for that sucker to start turning yellow and then it’ll let me know when to go.”

In the US, the yellow – or amber – traffic light comes on only as an indication that the red ‘stop’ light is about to turn on. It then goes straight from red to green, when vehicles can go again. But in the UK when cars stop at a red light, a combination of yellow and red then appears, indicating that they can prepare to move again as it’s about to turn green.

Kalani went on: “I freaking love this feature about driving in the UK. Back in the US, whenever another red light turns red usually you can count about three full seconds and you know yours is turning green. “But over here in the UK you don’t even have to guess anymore. The sucker starts turning yellow before it goes to green so you can zoom off the line baby!”

Kalani, who also posts food reviews, is a popular figure on social media with 2.9 million TikTok followers and more than 100,000 YouTube subscribers. It’s unclear how much he makes from his videos but perhaps it’s a good thing he doesn’t grow too rich and splash out on expensive cars.

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He said: “Let me tell you, if I had a fast car here in the UK, it would be dangerous. The only problem is that the CCTV cameras will catch you everywhere speeding, so it still doesn’t really work out in our favour.”

The self-labelled ‘Tennessee redneck’ also had one particular country in the UK that he seemed to enjoy the most, adding: “Driving on the Wales country roads is a blast. They literally have like 60 mile an hour road signs on some of these roads and you should not be going 60 on them. But it’s so fun! As a Tennessee redneck, I absolutely love flying on country road, so gets my stamp of approval.”

The video, called ‘This is the greatest thing ever… Every stoplight feels like a dragstrip’, clearly piqued TikTik users and saw hundreds of replies recommending where Kalani should drive next. One said: “You think Wales roads are good, you should drive on northern Irelan d north coast road’s they are unreal and what a view”

Another added: “It’s a good drive through Derbyshire in peak district beautiful views for miles.” While someone from the UK mused: “I never appreciated our back roads in the UK till hearing other people’s reactions they think there mad and actually they are if you treat them right.”

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