American reveals UK traffic hotspot that’s ‘harder than getting a bra strap off’

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American Kalani Ghost Hunter posted to TikTok to share that when asked to sum up the quintessential British experience he likes to use this one word, and people have been left in stitches

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American attempts to describe the UK in one word

An American has revealed the one word he uses to describe Britain to his friends, and it’s got his pals across the pond in stitches. Sharing on his TikTok, Kalani Ghost Hunter explained to his 2.9 million followers when regaling his friends in America about his travels, they often ask how he would sum up his experience.

He told his fans: “As an American, I’m about to describe to you the UK in one word. Many of my friends in America wanted me to tell them all about my travels to the UK and how it is over there, and I all told them the same thing.

“They don’t believe in those fancy lights. All they need is one perfectly circular roundabout. I’m specifically talking about the roundabout everywhere you go over the UK. But the one in Swindon is special.

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“They literally have many roundabouts inside of a big ass roundabout. I drove in this thing and it was harder to drive in this roundabout than it is to get a bra strap off. I don’t know what to say now. “

“Speaking from experience, I drove probably like 10,000 miles in the span of a month over in the UK, so I’ve had to drive my fair share of mileage. But the roundabouts are insane. You literally be driving and then you’ll stop. You’ll go into a roundabout, you’ll come out, two minutes later, BAM! Another roundabout. I can’t be the only person that’s noticed this.”

Brits reading the post flocked to share the other ‘magic’ roundabouts in the UK, positively creasing up at how much Kalani had nailed on the head. One person wrote: “I mentioned I was from Swindon at a meeting in Japan, they responded ‘the place with the magic roundabout?’”. Someone else revealed: “East Kilbride in Scotland is known as polo mint city because of the amount of roundabouts.”

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Other people shared that there are also magic roundabouts in Colchester, Hemel Hempsted and Basingstoke. Many people rushed to defend the beloved traffic quirk. One gushed: “Roundabouts are logical and keep the traffic flowing far better than lights which is why they’re used all over Europe.” Someone else added: “Love roundabouts, rarely need to slow down in places like Milton Keynes. Magic Roundabout in Hemel is awesome and fun watching the faint of heart.”

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