Americans in hysterics over map of UK’s weird and wonderful place names

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Have you ever been to Dull? How about Fattiehead? Up and down the UK there are a host of weird and wonderful place names that many people are just discovering

There are a lot of things Great Britain is famous for – its incredible countryside and areas of great natural beauty, its Royal family and complicated history, and apparently, its obscure and diverse way of naming villages, towns, and cities.

Most residents will have come across a place in the UK that has an unusual name, for instance, Rest and Be Thankful in Scotland or perhaps Donkey Town, in Surrey. And anyone who has driven near Fingringhoe in Essex will have definitely had a snigger to themselves. While Brits are used to the weird and wonderful names of our country, it seems tourists are struggling to wrap their heads around them.

Taking to social media to share their delight, an American posted a map with some of the famous names, writing: “I’m American but I think I could live in Nether Wallop.” Amongst the unusual names on the map are: Ae, Barton in the Beans, Beer, Besses o’ th’ Barn, Blubberhouses, Brawl, Botusfleming, Brokenwind, Brown Willy, Bunny, Catbrain, Chemistry, Crackpot, Crapstone, Curry Mallet, Donkey Town, Droop, Dull, Fattiehead, Giggleswick, Great Snoring, Horrid Hill, Jump, Lost, Loose Bottom, Nasty, Nether Wallop, Pity Me, Rest and be Thankful, Spunkie, Stranagalwilly, Wetwang, Wide Open, and Wig Wig.

However, in reality, this only scratches the surface of the bizarre names in the UK. There’s also Balls Cross, Bell End, Bitchfield, Boggy Bottom, Cocks, Crotch Crescent, Dicks Mount, Ding Dong, Fanny Barks, Fingringhoe, Nob End, Pratt’s Bottom, Rotten End, Sandy Balls, Scratchy Bottom, Twatt, and Windy Nook.

People from the UK and those around the world rushed to share their thoughts on the Reddit story, with many Americans saying they were in stitches over the locations. One Brit reminisced: “The day we found Nob End on an OS map was the day Mr Wilson finally lost control of our geography class.” Another UK resident quipped: “Well at least we don’t have a town called Gobbler’s Knob [referring to a park in Pennsylvania, US].”

One American responded: “I’m crying, are these real?” And someone else shared: “Horrid Hill was just down the road from where I grew up, spent hours riding bikes round it or exploring through the bushes or ruining my trainers clambering over rocks and mud to get to the boat wrecks.

“Apparently was named because of something to do with prison ships in Napoleon’s time and the terrible conditions the prisoners were kept in.”

Do you live in a city, town, or village with an unusual name? Let us know in the comments below.

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