Babysitter left ‘terrified’ after hearing ‘creepy singing’ on baby monitor

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A babysitter has shared her ‘horror’ after hearing ‘creepy singing’ coming from a baby monitor after putting children to bed – and it turns out the parents forgot to pre-warn her about it

A babysitter got the fright of her life after hearing ‘creepy singing’ coming from a baby monitor after putting the children to bed. Recalling the ‘traumatic’ event, she explained how she was watching over two children from her neighbourhood while their parents enjoyed a child-free night out.

Everything was going smoothly until she checked on them via the baby monitor after putting them to bed for the night. She said on Reddit: “They each had a video monitor that picked up sound. I put them to bed and was sitting downstairs doing homework, and I thought they were both asleep because it had been like a half hour since I had put them in bed, and neither kid was shifting around anymore.

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“It was silent except for their breathing through the monitors. It was pitch black outside and the parents wouldn’t be home for another couple of hours. All of a sudden I heard a little kid’s voice singing. I couldn’t tell what the voice was saying, but it sounded really creepy. I looked at the monitors, and neither kid had moved.”

Worried for their safety, she checked on each of the children – hoping she was just hearing things. She added: “Went up to their rooms and checked on them both. Apparently, the younger one (three-year-old) would sing to himself when he couldn’t sleep, and his mom didn’t tell me that. He was laying perfectly still singing softly, and I nearly **** myself when I heard it through the monitor.”

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  • While most users couldn’t help but laugh at her story, others shared how they would have responded in that situation. One user said: “That’s incredibly adorable but completely terrifying to live through.” Another user added: “I would be terrible protecting little kids from demons etc. Had I heard that singing, I never would have gone up there.”

    A third user said: “I babysat for a couple who also had the video feed monitors, I looked at them the least possible amount I could without feeling irresponsible because I have a bad fear of everything at night.”

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