Best budget air fryers under £80 in the Amazon sale if a Ninja is out of your price range

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Looking for an affordable air fryer? We’ve found the best budget ones in the Amazon sale for quick, easy and healthy meals

Air fryers have taken the world by storm, and for good reason – the nifty kitchen appliance is often much cheaper to run than a traditional oven as well as cooking meals at a faster speed. Better yet, an air fryer has the ability to cook healthier meals that contain less fat as they use air during the cooking process instead of oil.

Arguably the biggest name on the market when it comes to air fryers is Ninja and while the bestselling brand does run a number of different sales on its website (you can currently get the Ninja Air Fryer Max for £99 reduced from £189.99) their air fryers are still some of the most expensive models around with most costing upwards of £150.

If you’re looking to spend under £100 on an air fryer, savvy shoppers are turning to lesser known air fryer brands that can be found on the likes of Amazon – leaving them glowing reviews having been left more than impressed with the results.

We’ve scoured the Amazon sale to find the best air fryers as rated by customers – ranging from £30 to £80. Many users have even compared the air fryers below to Ninja, with one person claiming that this particular £79.99 air fryer “does everything a Ninja does at a fraction of the price”.

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Best Amazon air fryers under £80

Instant Compact 3.8L Air Fryer – now £29.99, was £49.99

The Instant Compact 3.8L Air Fryer can be compared to Ninja’s 3.8L Air Fryer AF100UK, but while the Ninja model will set you back £149, the Instant Air Fryer is currently reduced to less than £30 on Amazon. Described as “compact but mighty”, it features an easy to use control panel and can save up to 80% off your energy bill.

One user said it was a “game changer”, commenting: “Could be the best gadget we have ever bought. Held off buying one for a long time but this works so well. Easy to clean and a great range of features. Overall it’s amazing and saves a lot of power. Get one!”

You can also download their free app which gives you access to tons of healthy and tasty meals, along with step-by-step instructions on how to use the Instant Air Fryer to cook them.

It is important to note however that it is best suited for those with a smaller family as one person noted that “it is perfect for two people, but too small for more”.

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Cosori 5.5L Air Fryer – now £66.48, was £109.99

For a slighter larger air fryer that can hold up to 5.5L of food, consider the Cosori Air Fryer that has been reduced on Amazon by 40%. It can cook even more food than Ninja’s 5.2L Air Fryer MAX AF160UK that retails for £169.99 and it has 11 preset heater timings which is ideal if you are a first time air fryer user.

It also comes with a complimentary recipe book to give you healthy meal inspiration with customers making courgette fries, falafel and fried chicken that were “a lot healthier.”

One person gave it five stars on Amazon, saying: “Everyone needs this. There is so much you can make in it and its super easy to use. I’ve had it for almost two years now and it has been life changing. I work full time so this is super helpful to make an easy meal in the evenings when I’m too tired. Cooks simple frozen foods like chips in half the time it would take in a conventional oven.”

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Tower 6L Air Fryer – now £59.99, was £79.99

Not all air fryers are the most aesthetically pleasing and if you’re worried about yours being an eye-sore in the kitchen, you certainly won’t have that problem with the Tower 6L Air Fryer. Available in midnight blue or latte, the £59.99 gadget has a digital touch panel that has eight pre-set heating settings – choose from fries, bacon, drumsticks, prawns, steak, cake, veg and fish.

Shoppers love it as it is “not too noisy”, however it has been said that the display can be “quite difficult to see” especially if it is in bright light.

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Geepas Vortex 9L Dual Basket Air Fryer – was £94.99, now £79.99

Cooking for a large family? You might want to opt for a dual basket air fryer as it can easily feed four or more people. Comparable to Ninja’s Foodi MAX Dual Zone Air Fryer AF400UK, the Ninja model holds 9.5L, however it is £170 more expensive than Amazon’s £79.99 buy.

The dual baskets allow you to cook two different food types at once and they can even be cooked at varying temperatures and times. It has been said that the instructions are a little tricky to follow so it might take a few uses to get the hang of it, but one person claimed: “Great product used daily does everything a Ninja does at a fraction of the price.”

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Elsewhere, you can find air fryers for under £50 at Dunelm – this £30 4L Manual Air Fryer is ideal for those cooking for one or two and it won’t take up much counterspace in the kitchen.

Make the most out of your air fryer and save time cleaning the basket with air fryer lines such as these reusable ones that are under £5 at Amazon.

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