Bizarre boiled egg hack creates ‘amazing’ nutrient boost for your plants

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A home hack lover and wellness content creator is telling people to ‘make sure you keep the water’ after boiling eggs as it could help your garden thrive this spring

If your plants are in need of some extra care, this clever and easy hack could be the ticket to a blooming garden.

Spring is almost here and every year gardeners come up with new and creative ideas to help their plants grow better. From using old teabags to keep away pests to making a rich mineral water with throwaway banana skins, there are many promising natural hacks which can help the growth of both indoor and outdoor plants. Now, one individual says a boiled egg hack can help your garden – and it’s not as bizarre as it might first seem.

Shayna Terese Taylor is a wellness content creator who shares her tips on gut-healing, natural diets as well as wellbeing. The American woman, who now lives in the Italian countryside, told her 1.2million followers via her TikTok page @shaynateresetaylor, that water used for boiling eggs can be great for plants.

Shayna explained that there are nutrients, including calcium, in egg shells that are released into the water when boiled and can help plants thrive. The water acts as a fertiliser to give your plants the nutrients they need to survive. It is also said to help your soil retain moisture.

Shayna, 27, said: “For all my followers with a green thumb or looking to get into gardening here is an amazing little tip for you Next time you boil your eggs, make sure to keep the water. The nutrients in eggs shells when boiled release into the water and are amazing for your plants and will make their soil happy. As an added bonus you can keep the egg shells to compost or wash, dry, and blend them into powder to add into your own smoothies or even more nutrients into your soil.”

A number of people rushed to share their approval of the hack – many have tried it themselves after “never thinking of that” and dubbing her trick “interesting”. One individual said: “Not just the water, the egg shells are 96% calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Very good for plants.”

Another wrote: “Water from egg and veggies and potatoes. Any leftover water from nutrient filled foods!” One other planning on trying the trick, said: “Thank you. I always boil eggs and love my plants.”

“Great tip,” commented another. Another added: “I didn’t even think of that! Thank you.” One individual said their plants “perked up like crazy,” after following Shayna’s advice.

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