Bread stays fresh and mould-free for three weeks with simple storage hack

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With the cost of living crisis, making sure not to waste food is important especially as it’s a favourite food in the UK and 99 per cent of households buy it

How many times have you ended up with mouldy bread?

With the cost of living crisis, making sure not to waste food is important especially as it’s a favourite food in the UK and almost all households buy it.

Usually, bread can go mouldy in three to seven days if kept at room temperature, and the last thing you want is to find your beloved carb covered in green fluff. But there is a method to keep your loaf fresh for up to three weeks according to Frakking Creations on YouTube and no, you don’t need to freeze it, The Express reports.

The method works by combining the cold temperature of the fridge with a reduction in moisture which slows the chance of mould growing. In the hack shared on YouTube, the video starts with: “Don’t you hate when your bread moulds too fast and you have to waste it by throwing it out?

“That used to happen to us too until we found a better way to keep it fresher and mould-free for longer.” The two things you will need to stop your bread from going mouldy, are to cut holes in the bag and keep the bread in the fridge.

If you don’t buy supermarket bread and instead get fresh bread from the bakery, the trick also works for bakery bread, which doesn’t have as many preservatives as shop-bought bread. Before you pop your loaf in the fridge you just need to cut some holes in the bag.

The holes in the bag stop moisture from building up inside the bag which makes the mould grow faster. To make the holes you can use scissors to cut around the top of the bag where it gathers before it’s sealed, you can also leave a few holes in the back and underneath the loaf.

Test the method by starting with fewer holes, and then adjust it based on how cold your fridge is. The results of the hack were then revealed: “If you see more condensation than this or bigger drops of water, adjust how many holes are in the bag. So today is June 1, as you can see, this is the bread that we have been keeping in the fridge.

“Best before date is May 24, and we’ve been able to keep it fresh, and without mould for longer than that time, simply by keeping it in the fridge and by doing this hack. Nine days longer and still tastes great.”

The trick works as the cold temperature of the fridge and the reduction of moisture slow down the chance of mould growing, but you need to find the right balance of aeration. Adjusting the holes can be trial and error until you find what works for you.

Bread from the shop is typically on the shelves and ready to be bought five to seven days before its use-by date. So, this loaf could have stayed fresh for up to three weeks without any mould happening.

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