‘Brilliant’ gadget that tracks luggage falls to £16 in Amazon Spring Deal Days

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With 20% off RRP, Tile Mate is giving travellers more reassurance on the go

With the Amazon Spring Sale Day Deals now live, shoppers are snapping up plenty of tech deals that promise to make life that little bit easier.

For shoppers who are keen on keeping their personal items, tech or otherwise, within their reach at all times, Bluetooth trackers are proving to be a popular sale buy. Perfect for keeping on top of your belongings in transit, the Tile Mate could mean that you never lose your lugagge again.

One deal in particular offers an incredible discount on the Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker. With the price dropped to just £15.99 for Prime members, these little luggage life savers are likely to be a big hit with travellers this summer.

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The Tile Mate helps shoppers find misplaced things both nearby and further away. Working in harmony with the free Tile app that is available on both work Android and Apple devices, the tiny tracker can be attached to a bunch of everyday items like keys, phones or purses.

The clever little tile locates missing items using Bluetooth technology. If you are out of Bluetooth range, the Tile app will let you view the item’s most recent location on a map to help you find it. Other super cool features let the user double tap the button on your tile to make your phone ring out, even when it’s on silent and the Tile can work with Amazon Alexa, Hey Google and Siri, so you can simply ask your virtual assistant to find things for you.

It is when you are travelling that trackers like Tile come into their own. Not only can they help you keep track of your items while you are away, but they also provide an excellent insight into where your luggage is in transit.

Whether you are worried about the airline losing your luggage or wondering if you left something at the gate or back at home, a tracker like Tile Mate could help to take the stress out of travelling. Suitable for use anywhere in the world, the Tile Mate lets the user enlist the secure and anonymous help of the Tile Network to help find your things when your luggage is out of Bluetooth range.

Suitable for use in many situations, the Tile Mate is water-resistant (IP67 rated) and can transmit a final up to 250ft Bluetooth range. It also comes with a non -replaceable battery that offers up to three years’ worth of use.

With over 4,500 reviews on Amazon, the Tile Mate is a most excellent choice for travellers. One satisfied customer said “Love this company. This tile gave me such comfort when my case was delayed on a recent holiday. I knew more than the airline service.”

Another told the tale of how the Tile Mate helped find their lost suitcase. They said “With all of the baggage handling problems lately I bought a couple of these for a recent trip to Austin. So glad I did! When we landed at Heathrow we could see that my partner’s bag had made it to Texas but mine was ‘unknown’. Turns out it had been left behind! I was told it would be on the next flight and sure enough via Tile I could see it had made it to Texas but after calling the airline to try to go pick it up they said it was still in London! Thankfully we went to the airport anyway and could follow the Tile on the tracking app right to where the bag was waiting beside the BA desk. If not for the Tile the suitcase would have been lost forever! Best £20 spent ever, will never fly without it again.”

Missed the boat on the Amazon Tile Mate deal? Other highly-rated trackers and tags for travel include Apple AirTag, Atuvos and Chipolo.

The Amazon Spring Deal Days will run until Monday, March 25 and savvy travellers could snap up a wide selection of holiday essentials.

Alternatively, iconic luggage brand Antler has up to 50% off selected suitcases that you would want to keep track of, as does trendy luggage company Nere with some gorgeous half-price suitcases in their Mid Season Sale.

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