‘Britain’s Best Lawn’ winner reveals key to healthy grass – and killing moss for good

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Those lucky enough to have a garden space will be wondering what to do with it as the weather continues to be wet – but a former ‘Britain’s Best Lawn’ winner has shared his hacks

Everybody wants a luscious lawn and blooming, gorgeous flowers – but it can be tricky to create the garden of your dreams.

As the UK endures a long period of wet weather, many green-fingered Brits will be panicking that they’ve not been able to mow their lawn yet. However, Stuart Grindle, 81, the previous holder of ‘Britain’s Best Lawn’ has urged green-fingered gardeners to keep their spirits up for their outdoor spaces, despite the grim downpours.

He also shared his go-to remedies for unwanted moss in the garden, explaining that the grass needs to be dry before it’s trimmed.

When it comes to banishing pesky moss, Stuart recommends iron sulphate, which can be purchased from Amazon for £9.95, as it will turn the moss “black overnight”. He said: “Then you’ve got to wait again for a dry day, and then you’ve got to scarify and break it all off, over-feed and you’re off again. It will kill the moss within hours”, reports The Daily Star.

Speaking about his garden, Stuart said: “People used to say, ‘What’s the hardest plant in your garden you grow then, Mr Grindle?’ I’d say, ‘You are stood on it’. The grass is the hardest plant. It suffers from everything. It’s very hard to maintain.” He said that the wet weather doesn’t help the maintenance, but he reminded people the wet weather “won’t be here forever”.

He advised that people should have a flexible mowing schedule, urging people to not have a set “day” that they mow the lawn – instead, cutting the grass when it’s drier. If you mow when the weather has been wet, you’ll “stress the lawn out”, causing damage. But if you absolutely have to mow and the grass is soggy, “lift the mower to a height of probably 25mm to 30mm and just take the top off it.”

Stuart said there can actually be benefits of the wet weather, as feeding the lawn will wash into the grass and help the growth. And when it comes to switching out grass in favour of astroturf, he said it was a definite “no-no”. However, he did say that it’s “not easy” to maintain grass and a busy lifestyle.

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