Brits flock to ‘new Magaluf’ with £1 beer, white beaches and 30C weather year-round

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Zanzibar, an island in the coastal region of Tanzania, has exploded in popularity recently and is now being touted as a party alternative to iconic Spanish booze resort Magaluf

Brits are flocking to a holiday destination which has been dubbed the ‘new Magaluf’ thanks to the lashings of £1 beer, white beaches and 30C weather on offer there.

For decades generations of thirsty and lovelorn young adults have been making annual pilgrimages to Magaluf, a Spanish destination which some argue is the spiritual home of the British identity. While such a reputation is unlikely to be lost anytime soon, there is another, further flung destination which is attracting increasing numbers.

Luxury tour operator Scott Dunn has said that Tanzania, a gorgeous country in East Africa, is one of it’s “up-and-coming” destinations for 2024, with an 83% rise in bookings among its wealthy clientele. However, there’s one city that isn’t just the reserve of the well off and Brits have even nicknamed it “the new Magaluf”.

Zanzibar, an island in the coastal region of the country, has exploded in popularity recently. Many who venture to the boozy spot, and Zanzibar City its main town, would never look back. This is in contrast to old favourite Magaluf, in Majorca, which has been trying to pull away from the UK holiday market in recent years with new rules and restrictions Zanzibar is hoping visitor numbers will skyrocket, reports the Daily Star.

Brits with a lower budget need not worry either as in 2023, Zanzibar was voted one of the best value sunny destinations in the world. Not only can you get pints from as little as £1.06, according to PintPrice, but Hikers Bay says you can get a meal in a cheap restaurant in the city from as little as £3.84.

On, we discovered some bargain places to stay in Zanzibar. A budget double room for two adults can be yours for just £13 – that’s only £6.50 each per night. You can also get a large room at a B&B with a pool for the same price.

Zanzibar is known for its amazing weather which is sure to attract Brits looking for some sun. Zanzibar has an impressive 12.06 hours of sunshine day during the winter, which is 33% more than Ibiza. Plus, it stays warm with average temperatures of 30C all year round and from January to April it gets even hotter with average highs of up to 33C.

There are loads of bars, clubs and restaurants where Brits can have fun all night. Stone Town where Queen’s lead singer Freddie Mercury was born is another place that attracts the crowds of an evening. It’s the old part of Zanzibar City which has lots of beach clubs, bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Also, the area is famous for its soft, white sand beaches and the warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Its coral reefs and colourful sea life make the city a paradise for divers and snorkelers as well as people who love water sports. Dolphins play off the shore of Zanzibar island too, making for great boat trips and marine life watching.

Dr Aloyce Nzuki, who works in the ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, said in 2023 that the government really wants to double the number of visitors from the UK. Sarah Cooke, who used to be the British High Commissioner to Tanzania, said its beauty was “truly unforgettable”.

Tanzania isn’t just about parties and beautiful beaches. You can fly over to the country from £378 for a return trip according to Skyscanner, so it’s worth making the most of your holiday. The country is also home to the famous Serengeti National Park – where you can see safari’s big five’ lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos and rhinos and Africa’s highest mountain Kilimanjaro.

Scott Dunn, a travel expert, advised: “November to March is when you’ll enjoy a less crowded safari as this tends to be the green season. Rainfall turns the landscape into a lush green and this is when you are most likely to see newborn animals.” Kilimanjaro is also in Tanzania so any keen mountain climbers can have their thirst for adventure truly sated.

While a lot of Brits might prefer to keep to Europe for their holidays, the cheaper living costs in Zanzibar makeup for the pricier flights. Plus, some fan-favourite places nearby are telling Brits to “stay away” like Amsterdam, the Canary islands including Tenerife and Lanzarote and even Magaluf, in Majorca.

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