Chilling reason you should keep your hotel curtains closed at all times

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A bodyguard has warned that there’s an important reason you need to ensure you keep your hotel curtains closed at all times – even in broad daylight

The excitement of holiday sunshine and new places to explore might make you forget one important safety issue, an expert has warned.

A bodyguard has urged people to remain vigilant, even when they’re staying in a hotel on holiday, as thieves could still be lurking and going to different countries is never risk-free.

Bodyguard and investigator at Bond Rees, Aaron Bond, explained the chilling reason why your curtains should always be kept closed when you’re in a hotel, and he also warned that when you’re given a room, if it’s on a certain floor, you should perhaps ask for an alternative if you don’t feel safe.

Tourists can be at risk of theft from their hotel room, Aaron shared, especially if the hotel security isn’t very good, reports The Express. He said that when you’re booking a hotel, safety precautions should start then, but when you arrive, you need to be sure your curtains remain closed.

He said if your hotel room is “overlooked” by other rooms, then it’s important to keep your curtains closed as if you don’t, it “allows people to know your movements and could open you up to getting robbed.” Aaron also shared that you shouldn’t speak loudly about plans in public, as it could let thieves know when you’re not going to be present in your room.

He also warned that you should choose your hotel room carefully, and “if possible, request a room on the third to fifth floor”, rather than opting for lower floors – as these are more prone to potential crime. Another bonus is, in “the event of an emergency they are quick to get out of too.”

Scarily, he also recommended that tourists check the room thoroughly for secret cameras before settling in properly. “Hidden cameras can be as small as a pin head and can be installed anywhere in your room”, he warned, and he said you should check every time someone enters the room that isn’t you.

Aaron recommended using your phone camera to scan the room, as ” they can pick up the reflection of a camera lens” to alert you to them. Airbnb recently banned the use of indoor cameras, stating: “We do not allow Hosts to have security cameras or recording devices that monitor indoor spaces, even if these devices are turned off. Hidden cameras have always been prohibited and will continue to be prohibited.”

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