Clever way to slice a cake to prevent it from drying out – ‘worked a treat’

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Dispense with the tupperware and clingfilm, for one Tiktoker has revealed a century-old way of slicing up a cake so it doesn’t go stale

It’s an age-old dilemma – how do you keep any remaining slices of cake from going stale?

You could swiftly devour it with gusto, or invite a few friends around to help with the ‘problem’. Other – rather less fun – methods involve storing it all in an airtight container or wrapping the pieces snugly in clingfilm. There are a few tried and tested options, but not many have considered a startling alternative – and that’s by using maths.

Tiktoker Zwilling_usa has racked up more than 123k views for their video showing the perfect way to cut a cake. The video begins: “A hundred years ago, a mathematican devised the perfect way to cut a cake. Instead of wedges, he recommended cutting the cake into strips instead”.

And many Tiktokers were bowled over by the revelation, with some saying their ‘life is now complete’ with this knowledge, while another agreed with the method saying ‘that’s the way I always cut it”.


To start, slice your cake in half about an inch off-centre to the left. Then make the same incision again to the right, depending on how big you would like your slice. You should now have two ‘tram-lines’ down the centre of the cake. Next, simply lift out this long slice and carve it up into individual portions. Now you can push the remaining two sides of cake back together.

“This method prevents the cut surface of the cake from drying out”, says the creator. Then when you next need a slice, simply rotate the cake and repeat the process as above.

‘That’s the way to cut it. I always do that’

Sakina Haamid: “This is how they always cut cake at kids’ birthday parties. You get what you get, most people I know avoid the frosting edge tbh”.

Pride and Joy: “That’s the way to cut it. I always do that”.

Christopher Sullivan: “I get it! Cut the strip from the centre, reform the circle with the two halves – and no-one is the wiser ..”

What’s Over There: “I just did the same thing with a loaf of unsliced bread. Worked a treat!”

Sarah Cullis: “That’s how we cut birthday cake, but for some reason, never on other cakes. Go figure!”

Jason Tantra: “My life is now complete seeing this …”

Dannyboy: “This has changed my life”.

ReveriePark: “Amazing. Will try this next time.”

Qzvolt: “Who are y’all sharing your cake with? Am I the only one who eats a whole cake by myself?”

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