Company to offer world’s most expensive Michelin Star dinner in SPACE for £391,000

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SpaceVIP say they will host six diners in a balloon on the edge of space at $495,000 (£391,000) a head and will have Michelin-Starred Chef Rasmus Munk doing the cooking

A New York space tech company is set to offer the world’s most expensive dinner, and the meal will be out of this world.

SpaceVIP will host six diners in a balloon on the edge of space at $495,000 (£391,000) a head. The adventurous firm has enlisted Michelin-Starred Chef Rasmus Munk from Copenhagen’s Alchemist restaurant for the trip, which will be a six-hour journey, set to launch in 2025 from Florida.

It will take place aboard Space Perspective’s Spaceship Neptune, the world’s first carbon-neutral spaceship, a much anticipated green development. The pressurised craft will use a so-called giant ‘SpaceBalloon’ to slowly climb to an altitude of more than 100,000ft, giving guests stunning panoramic views through the largest windows ever flown to space.

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Unlike a hot air balloon, diners will be able to even use “a proper restroom” SpaceVIP is calling the Space Spa. Diners are paying for more than just the journey and meal as French fashion house Ogier will also dress each intrepid traveller with made-to-measure outfits designed using innovative fabric technology developed specifically for the mission.

The program will have a beneficial impact on the sector as a whole because all proceeds from the trip will be directed to the Space Prize Foundation, dedicated to promoting gender equity in science and technology. SpaceVIP said: “Chef Rasmus’s imaginative creations will augment every step of the experience, inspired by the role of space exploration in human history and society.

“Through Holistic Cuisine, Chef Rasmus aims to inspire thought and discussion on humanity’s relationship with Earth.” Jane Poynter, Founder and Co-CEO of Space Perspective, says: “Space Perspective makes space more accessible than ever before. This voyage is a life-changing moment, offering a profound shift in perspective on humanity and our planet.”

Roman Chiporukha, Founder of SpaceVIP, added: “This unprecedented culinary odyssey marks a pivotal moment in human history. Through visionary collaboration with Chef Rasmus Munk and Ogier, this mission redefines private space exploration and fine dining.”

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Alchemist has held two Michelin stars since 2020 and was ranked top five on the World’s Best Restaurant list in 2023, with huge critical acclaim. The restaurant champions different and unique flavours with unusual dishes offered by the eatery including a snowball that tastes of ripe tomato and a silicone spoon in the shape of a tongue that tastes of gooseberry and pumpkin seed when licked.

Rasmus said: “Alchemist’s domed main dining room draws inspiration from the awe of seeing Earth from space. Immersiveness is central to Holistic Cuisine, and my ambition is to blend gastronomy with art and science to create awareness about social and environmental issues.”

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