Couple spark heated debate with photos showing ‘correct’ way to stack dishwasher

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What is your preference when it comes to stacking the dishwasher? Do you haphazardly shove things in with no care or attention, or are you a decent human being?

A dishwasher is an ultimate labour and energy-saving appliance and if you’re lucky enough to have one you’ll know that there is a knack, no, an art form to loading it correctly. Although it differs from person to person the bare bones of the job are usually the same.

Most couples and families have had at least one row over how to load the dishwasher, with lots of people believing their way is the “right” way to stack it. One couple has sparked a heated debate after sharing photos of how each of them chose to fill a dishwasher and asking strangers to decide on who is correct.

Posting the snaps of load offerings one and two to social media, the female half of the pair asked: “Which is the more effective way to load the dishwasher?” She continued in the comments, “I am number one and my husband is number two. His loading skills have always mildly annoyed me mainly because the water does not drain out of the bowls and it grosses me out/I think my way looks more orderly and cleans better.

“That being said, earlier this week I had loaded the dishwasher after him and he had a bowl facing up so I changed it to face down. Then today I opened it to add more dishes and noticed that he had rearranged everything that I had put in. We didn’t talk about it or fight about it. I just thought it would be funny to turn to Reddit to be the judge.”

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People assessing the photos were up in arms at the different ways with many torn over the images, however, there was a clear winner – number one. Commenting on the snaps, one person replied: “The second picture makes zero sense. Why would someone load it that way lol?” Another user declared: “Picture 2 is what psychopaths do.” And someone else stated number two’s offerings were a ‘red flag’. They wrote: “Immediate divorce, run far run fast, clear abuse, weaponised incompetence, straight to jail, SO is clearly going to murder you.

“Fr though, you deserve a medal! In my house although that should warrant at least some prison time, being British, in reality it would get a hearty sigh and a great big tut, and I’d pull the meanest face ever, and that’s just for starters.”

Another dishwasher fan shared their thoughts and a way to truly test the options. They added: “Winner is Photo one because the spray comes from underneath and anything not facing down will not only not be cleaned but also hold a puddle of water with assorted food debris that will leave a mineral deposit upon drying. A useful test is to whip an egg yolk, wipe it all over your dishes, let it dry overnight, and then wash them the next morning. This will reveal where the machine failed to clean.”

Which photo do you think is the best way to load a dishwasher? Let us know in the comments.

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