Couple stay at ‘worst hotel in Blackpool’ – and find it ‘looks like a prison’

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Influencer Zac Jones and his partner Kseniya stayed at the Norbreck Castle Hotel in Blackpool – which has been branded the ‘worst hotel in Blackpool’

A couple who braved a stay at what’s been dubbed Blackpool’s “worst” hotel have gone viral after sharing their eyebrow-raising experience online.

Zac Jones, a social media influencer, highlighted the Norbreck Castle Hotel’s reputation for its staggering 4,000-plus “terrible” Tripadvisor critiques. Guests have previously reported horrors such as “bloodstains, hair in the bathroom and brown stains in the carpet.”

In his revealing TikTok video to his 65,000 followers, Zac said: “There’s been a lot of talk about this place – another Britannia-run hotel…looks a bit like a prison. Tonight we’re staying here and we’re going to see if the reviews quite represent the Norbreck Castle in Blackpool.”

Despite the hotel’s outdated charm, Zac did praise the warm welcome they received: “Well I’ve got to say it sure does look like a Britannia. The lady at check-in was very friendly.”

He then showcased a grand function room with a striking red patterned carpet and neatly set chairs. Wandering the winding corridors, he added that “the flooring’s a bit wonky you know”, reports Lancs Live.

The climax of their adventure was their room reveal, where Zac’s partner, Kseniya, visibly recoiled, they said: “It gets worse and worse,” while Zac admitted to his audience: “There is a strong smell, I can’t lie, of you know what.”

Upon entering their room, Zac was somewhat relieved, remarking “it’s not as bad as some of the reviews,” and noted that “first impressions, this place looks clean enough.” Yet, he couldn’t help but point out a bit of dust and peeling paint on the skirting board, he said: “You would think the cleaners would go around here.”

Zac then highlighted the inside of the kettle with its rusty elements and a dirty teaspoon. His partner said: “To be honest, I expected it to be worse.” Agreeing, Zac said: “I mean, when you pay attention to detail, it’s a bit scabby.”

He also noticed some paint flaking off the wall, which he demonstrated by scraping it away, before spotting what seemed to be a dead insect.

The window frames didn’t escape his scrutiny either, as he said: “That’s quite dirty yeah.” In the bathroom, they discovered hairs in a discoloured sink, though the toilet was clean, prompting Zac to say, “That’ll do.”

Describing the overall state as “Bit scruffy but ok. £35 a night this is” they proceeded to examine the bed with a UV light, uncovering a few hairs and marks. Kseniya said: “I still don’t want to get into the bed.” Zac added: “The bedsheet itself doesn’t look that troubling.”

Despite the minor issues, Zac concluded with a fair assessment for the price: “I’ve got to give props where props are due.”

The video quickly racked up over three million views and comments galore. One commentator said: “Reminds me of the hotel from The Witches (1990s film) especially with the meeting room.”

While another said the hotel had an uncanny resemblance to a prison: “No way that’s a hotel, looks like HMP Barlinnie.”

Despite the barrage of negative comments, some good memories shone through, as one user said: “I love this hotel. Go here everytime, such a laugh.”

A second social media user joined in the positivity: “It’s cheap and full of characters. I love it, always have a good time here.”

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