Cruise passengers warned of ‘disgusting’ food you should always avoid at the buffet

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Cruise ship guests have been warned to ‘never’ eat certain foods at buffets as they’re ‘disgusting’ – and to always ask for freshly-cooked items instead, or to personalise their dishes

Cruise ship passengers have been told to watch out for certain foods on ship buffets.

Cruise fans has spoken up about some of the grub you’re like to come across in the communal dining rooms while sailing the seven seas, condemning some of it as ‘disgusting’. It is advice well worth heeding, given how integral a part of many cruise holidays the buffet – typically included in all inclusive deals – is.

On Reddit, some seasoned cruisers gave their best buffet advice, and one person warned which bits to steer clear of. One user of the website suggested that it is better to ask for food that’s just been cooked instead of stuff that’s been sitting out too long. They shared: “Leave the barely cooked bacon on the line, ask for the crispy cooked bacon and they usually have a bucket of it behind the counter.”

Another Redditer argued that it is better to get your scrambled eggs made fresh at the omelette counter instead of taking the pre-made ones. They said: “If the scrambled eggs look disgusting on the line because they’re too wet or you don’t like powdered eggs, ask the omelette station to make dry scrambled eggs.”

Another at-sea-omelette-enthusiast added: “They can add cheese/tomato/ham etc. in your scrambled eggs, plus the eggs are fresh and not powdered.”

While it may feel as if you have to take what you’re offered when it comes to a buffet, you may have some luck speaking to the staff about having specific dishes made. Another Reddit user advised: “If you don’t see something you want, ask for it. My eldest eats plain yoghurt every day for breakfast. She asked and the head server made sure a bowl was waiting each morning for the rest of the cruise.”

After a few days of bobbing around at sea with the same range of dishes on offer, the experience can begin to feel a little samey. If that is the case, then don’t be shy customising your dinners. Having an affogato on your ship, for example, is simple – just dunk the soft-serve or regular ice cream into your hot coffee. You can completely cover desserts like brownies and cakes in this dreamy combo if you want to.

If burgers are on offer on your cruise, you can also tailor them to your taste. One cruiser shared: “This should be obvious to some but you’re allowed to customise your burger. You can ask for bacon, double patties, extra cheese, etc. A lot of people just ordered regular burgers and didn’t know they could customise them until they saw us do it.”

Others mentioned that you could select items from the salad and antipasti buffet section and have them included in custom-made dishes at chef stations. One person shared: “My husband likes to grab artichokes from the salad station and have them put them on his pizza! “. Another person pointed out: “The options are endless! I’ve grabbed artichokes to add to pasta.”

A third sailer remarked: “I would get other stuff I liked at the salad station and had them use it for the stir-fry. Best one was on new years day I got fries from the sandwich station cheese from the buffet and gravy from the carving station. Cruise ship poutine.”

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