Dad in hysterics after hearing why son was given after-school detention

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A dad has taken to social media to share the crude joke his son shouted out in class, admitting he couldn’t help but laugh when he heard it landed his son in detention

Teachers can issue detentions for several reasons – whether it’s being late to class, not completing homework, or disrupting a lesson. But for one student, an “inappropriate” joke was enough to land him an after-school detention, much to the amusement of his dad.

In a resurfaced Reddit post, the father shared the school’s email explaining why his son would be late home on Tuesday. It read: “You have been assigned a detention for your inappropriate language in class this morning to be served this coming Tuesday after school from 3.05 to 4pm. Please bring class materials and be prepared to work on science.

“While struggling with the projector this morning, I asked, ‘Why is it so big?’ referring to the slide of our work on the screen. Shouting out, ‘That’s what she said’ is not appropriate humour for school. “Per our syllabus, failure to attend the detention will result in two new detentions assigned. Please let me know if you have any other questions.”

Admitting he “couldn’t be mad” at his son over the joke, he proudly shared it on social media to make others laugh. One user said: “Wondering if the teacher is a woman because then it is what she said.” Another user added: “I used that joke all the time before I ever saw it on the office. Not trying to be a dad joke hipster, but it wasn’t invented by the office.” A third user said: “My entire day at work consists of swearing like a trucker and lewd jokes.”

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However, another teacher claims the boy’s joke didn’t warrant a detention, saying: “A few years ago, I was teaching 8th grade English. We were doing literary analysis for the story we were currently reading. I had designed a sheet for them to follow along.

“They were to note descriptions of the characters in the beginning of the story and then show how those characterizations changed over time due to the events in the story. So, as we’re going along, one of the initial descriptions is a little long. I was doing it with them so that they had an idea of my expectations for the assignment. And the following ensued: Girl: This isn’t all going to fit in my box. Boy: That’s what she said!

“Naturally, quite a few kids laughed, including the girl. I did as well. He was mostly a good kid; the disruption was minimal. We were off track for ten seconds at the most, and then everyone moved on. I didn’t really think that warranted any punishment. As a fan of The Office, I was also secretly proud.”

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