Dad rages after teacher ‘humiliates’ 10-year-old daughter in front of class over her clothing

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A man has taken to social media to share his disgust after his daughter’s teacher purposely embarrassed her in front of her entire class because her shorts were ‘too short’

A dad has been left outraged after a teacher ‘humiliated’ his daughter in front of her entire class over her outfit. The Utah man explained how his 10-year-old daughter returned home in tears after being made to stand in the middle of the classroom while her teacher slammed her for wearing shorts.

On Reddit, he said: “Our daughter was told to call home in front of her whole classroom to have a change of clothes brought to her because her shorts were too short and they did not meet the school dress code.

“To make matters worse, our daughter was so embarrassed to do this in front of her classroom that she was already bawling by the time my wife picked up the phone. My wife said she could barely understand what our daughter was trying to say because she was gasping for air and crying while trying to explain the situation.”

His wife took in a change of clothes – but was devastated to see her daughter in such a state when she arrived. Wanting answers, the dad has taken to social media to ask parents in Utah about their schools’ dress code policies.

He added: “I can understand an argument for school uniforms since I’ve read research studies about school uniforms cutting down on bullying and having other benefits, but I don’t see how ‘shorts that go down to your knees’ create a better learning environment. If it’s because being ‘immodest’ is distracting to the opposite sex.

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“I’m trying to figure out who is sexually attracted to my little girl, because my son and his friends are in 6th grade (the oldest grade in their school) and have shown little interest in girls their age. Our kids are going to a new elementary school this year so I don’t know if it’s just the new school or if this is a common thing in all schools.”

Annoyed, he scheduled a meeting with the teacher and principal to discuss the situation further – but was disappointed to hear what they had to say. He said: “We have tried to really emphasise with our daughter that she did nothing wrong. We told her that we felt that what she was wearing isn’t inappropriate or distracting at all and she is welcome to wear those clothes anytime she would like outside of school, but that silly grown-ups had created rules about what she can wear at school because of reasons that don’t really make sense.

“I considered trying to fight against the dress code, but from everything I’ve read the dress code is pretty standard and I don’t want to alienate our daughter even more by causing a scene with her school and potentially making her learning environment even more uncomfortable.

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“She cried both times that she discussed the situation with us at home, so I think it was more impactful for her than she is letting on. We plan on having several follow-up discussions with our daughter in the days to come to ensure that she isn’t feeling ashamed or embarrassed or being ridiculed in her classroom.”

Commenting on his post, one user said: “My 10-year-old daughter was told that the jumpsuit she was wearing to school was inappropriate because it was a cold shoulder jumpsuit. It was long, so went to her ankles, was not tight and did not show anything other than a small portion of her shoulders. I was so p***ed. That same child is now 13 and wears crop tops to school and holes in her jeans and I f***ing dare the school, with no mask policy, to call me and say anything about it. I dare them.”

Another user added: “Don’t even get me started on dress codes… the point I’d address is that it was absolutely inappropriate for the teacher to embarrass her in front of the class. I’d have a chat with the teacher before escalating it up the ladder.”

A third user said: “My six-year-old son was sent home from a birthday swim party because his belly button was showing over his swim trunks. They told him he could come back if he put on a shirt. First party meeting our new neighbors when we moved to north Utah county.”

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