Dazzling digital ceiling unveiled in Manchester – the largest of its kind in Europe

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The immersive experience is free to the public, and will show 100 different pieces of content, on a seasonal loop – with 250 hours of footage altogether

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Europe’s largest digital ceiling unveiled in Manchester

A dazzling new digital ceiling has been opened to the public in Manchester, measuring a whopping 1,000 square meters – the largest of its kind in Europe.

The huge, colourful screen, which is equivalent to four tennis courts in size, is free to go and view at the famous Printworks building in Manchester from today, March 20.

It has finally been unveiled after a five-year transformation, costing £21 million – and those behind the project say that it “must be seen to be believed”.

The screen will display 100 different pieces of content, which will rotate based on the seasons, with over 250 hours of footage created – meaning guests will always be able to marvel at something new.

Filming for all the content took 12 months, and features nine actors, eight dancers, six dogs, four rabbits, three snakes, three swimmers, two tarantulas, one baby – and one Coronation Street star. It also features the world’s first ever underwater performance of legendary opera, Carmen.

Ben Haller, spokesman for DTZ Investors, which led the refurbishment of Printworks, said: “Visitors will have seen nothing like this before – and we all hope it will become an attraction in its own right, on the list of things to do when people visit Manchester.

“This transformation is truly ground-breaking, as a screen of this size has never been installed on a ceiling in Europe, and it has created a spectacular, free, public show that people of all ages can enjoy.

“This will be a game changer for Manchester and offer something unique, the likes of which can only be seen at Fremont Street or The Sphere in Las Vegas.

“We are responding to consumers’ desire for immersive experiences, and see Printworks as leading the way in using digital technology.”

CGI content includes cute – but mischievous – creatures, journeys through space, jungles, and playful pieces which will run day and night at specially-programmed times.

The screen content will rotate against a seasonal calendar of activity, meaning visitors will always be greeted by something new.

The area is also boosted by further refurbishments, including a giant 210 square metre piece of public art by Alex Sylt, chosen by Manchester residents in a public vote and by a panel of judges, including Norman Cook – also known as Fatboy Slim.

A digital gaming screen has been added where passers-by can use their phones to play multi-player games against each other, and Vue Cinemas has invested £6 million in improving its guest experience.

Luxury recliner seating has been installed to complement the 20 newly-refurbished screens at Printworks – making it the largest cinema complex outside of London.

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