‘Dedicated’ gambler sprints to Las Vegas airport departure slots seeking one final bet

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An unnamed gambler at Las Vegas airport was spotted sprinting for the slot machines, throwing their bag down and leaping onto a chair, looking for one last win before going home

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A “dedicated” gambler who fancied one last win in Las Vegas was spotted sprinting for a slot machine at the airport.

Footage from the Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, US, shows a man running towards the shrine of colourful gambling machines in the centre of a departures waiting area. A Snapchat video of the holidaymaker showed him throw his bag to the floor and leap onto the seat as he placed his bets on the last slots on the way out of Vegas.

Twitter/X users found the post relatable as they recalled rushing to slot machines and losing out on bets of their own. Thousands of replies soon flooded the tweet, with some jokingly praising the man for his “dedication”.

One user wrote: “He dreamt about this moment for months. Let him have his fun.” Another added: “Lol he definitely just saw that someone left some credits on there or something.” But while some saw the lighter side of the video, others worried it showed signs of “addiction” and was actually a “sad” clip. One wrote: “Never seen someone so eager to throw away their money.”

One traveller previously managed to bag over $1m on a Wheel of Fortune game in Harry Reid International Airport. They were on their way home when they bagged $1,330,113, ending their vacation as a millionaire.

It is not known how lucky the traveller in the recent video got with his gambling in the Las Vegas airport, but the slots are notorious with passengers heading home. The machines have been likened to a “Hail Mary” chance of making one last win after a big Las Vegas holiday. One person, speaking to the Washington Post, described the machines as a “last grasp of hope”.

In 2022 it was reported the slot machines had generated more than $1bn in revenue over the years, with $39.8m in gross revenue annually. Scott Kichline, Harry Reid International Airport’s Assistant Director for Business Commercial/Development, said: “Seeing and hearing slots the moment they arrive sets the tone for an Only Vegas experience, and on their way out, many also enjoy the opportunity to pursue one last jackpot.”

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