Disease expert shares bizarre hack to treat sore throat – the ingredients are in your cupboard

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A disease expert has shared how to rid yourself of a sore throat, all thanks to a very unusual treatment

This homemade concotion should soothe your sore throat in no time (Stock Photo)

An expert has revealed how you can banish your sore throat sharpish – and the bizarre treatment could be right at your fingertips.

As many of us know all too well, a sore throat can pretty much ruin your day, with the pain and irritation leaving unlucky sufferers unable to concentrate on anything else.

Fortunately, you can whip up a homemade concoction with ease should you find yourself in this common yet frustrating prediction, and you’ll likely find everything you need in your kitchen cupboards.

Disease expert Dr Linda Yancey has now shared her tried and trusted alternative to honey and lemon tea – and it may sound a little unusual to some…

A jar of pickles could prove just the ticket


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According to Dr Yancey, eating pickles and drinking pickle brine juice could well ease the symptoms of your sore throat, with the brine containing inflammation-busting properties.

Speaking with Well+Good, the Memorial Hermann Health System infectious disease specialist explained: “Any time you have a solution that is more concentrated than the fluid in our tissues, such as salt or sugar, it reduces the inflammation by drawing the water out.”

Whether you love them or loathe them, this makes high-sodium pickles the perfect sore throat snack, as brine typically contains 3.5 to 5 percent salt to the 0.4 percent salt found in your body.

As you may already have guessed, you can apply this same science to honey, except with sugar, not salt. If you don’t have any pickles to hand, a simple salt water gargle may work in a pinch.

Unfortunately, this is only a temporary solution but should hopefully help soothe your soreness as you nurse yourself back to full health. Dr Yancey advised: “This is a minor and temporary intervention. It will bring about a small decrease in symptoms for about 10 to 15 minutes.”

This nifty homemade treatment may not be an effective option for everyone, however, and Dr Yancey has warned that some should stay clear. She continued: “It should be noted that people on salt-restricted diets should not use either dill pickles or salt water gargles since both have a substantial salt load. In the same way, diabetics should avoid honey or sweet tea.”

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